Fake Moss! Incredible Kate Moss Lookalike Opens Up About Getting ‘papped’ On A Daily Basis

An incredible Kate Moss lookalike has opened up about what life is like getting ‘papped’ on a daily basis as photographers regularly mistake her for the British supermodel.

Denise Ohnona, 38, from Ormskirk, Lancashire, had lost her fashion sense, gained weight and led a ‘boring’ life after giving birth to her first child and going through a divorce, before leaning into her look.


After regularly being stopped in the street to be told she looked like Kate Moss, the mum-of-two overhauled her wardrobe and became a gym bunny to play up to her likeness.

Now, just one year into her transformation, Denise explains that she regularly gets photographed by confused paparazzi and mobbed for selfies in clubs and supermarkets.

Denise, a full-time mum, said: “When I first started to get papped, I used to get very shy and felt like a fraud became I am a Fake Moss.

“But then as time went on I started to enjoy it and now find it very flattering – who wouldn’t want to get mistaken for Kate Moss? She’s one of the most incredibly iconic women ever!


“I get mistaken for her on a daily basis now – especially when I am out in central London – that’s where the paps tend to find me.

“However even members of the public get us confused, and I get asked to pose for selfies in nightclubs and in the supermarket all the time.

“It’s amazing that I’ve been able to find something that has transformed me from my frumpy mum lifestyle, to a glamorous ‘supermodel’.”

After getting divorced from her husband in 2011, Denise claims that she completely disregarded her appearance and just focused on being a single mum.

However after making heads turn for her Moss-likeness, she decided to turn her life round and feel like the model she is often mistaken for.

PICS BY DENISE OHNONA / CATERS NEWS: Before she transformed into Fake Moss

She said: “When I split up with my ex-husband eight years ago, I went a bit ‘mumsy,’ I lost my sense of fashion and gave up on the gym.

“I would look after the kids day and night and it was more important to run around after them than look after myself.

“Then I started getting people mistaking me for Kate Moss when I would go anywhere.

“Being told that I could look like Kate Moss picked me back up and I started focusing on myself again.

“I got back into the gym and looking after my appearance and the comments started all over again!”

PICS BY DENISE OHNONA / CATERS NEWS: Before she transformed into Fake Moss

Having spent one year basing her appearance around the icon, Denise claims that she gets papped and stopped for selfies on a regular basis.

But, unlike many real celebrities, Denise says that she loves to be shot by the paparazzi as it has given her the confidence boost she always needed.

She said: “The last time I visited a club in London there was a crowd lining up for photos with me – it was so much fun meeting so many great people.

“When people see me they get very excited, and when I tell them I am not really Kate Moss they love it anyway and still want selfies.

“But some people never ask me straight out if I am Kate Moss – they usually point and whisper to each other ‘that’s Kate Moss’.


“I am super proud that I have finally got over my shyness and lack of confidence – and getting snapped by photographers and stopped by fans has helped this massively.

“I have always held myself back but I am a new woman and regularly step out of my comfort zone.”