Every (hot) dog has its day – Food artist turns hot dog into cult figures

Burpzine / Caters

This talented food artist makes sure every dog has its day – as he turns regular hot dogs into pop culture references.

Erik Vernieuwe has converted his standard wieners into E.T., Daft Punk, Geri Halliwell, Wonder Woman, and many other references that are instantly recognizable.

Each tasty masterpiece takes Erik, 51, between 15 and 45 minutes to create, and to date the artist has made more than 160 works.

The idea for the daily creations – which Erik modestly says, “It is what it is: Wieners with faces.” – came to the artist when he made a version of the Girl With The Pearl (Onion) Earring while on an editorial shoot.

Burpzine / Caters

Erik’s friend loved the work and challenged him to make more.

With the intention of posting an image a day on his Instagram account, Burpzine, the artist sometimes makes more than one work on a given day, even reusing hot dogs for multiple scenes.

Erik, from Antwerp in Belgium, said: “My friends think it’s the funniest thing ever because they know me and they know I never take anything seriously.

*Mandatory picture credit* Burpzine / Caters 

“I do get the odd person that doesn’t get it, but I make these for myself, so I don’t ask of people to like them, or take it as real art – it’s more of a silly project.

“I have no plans, no name [for the project].

*Mandatory picture credit* Burpzine / Caters 

“I tend to go with the flow, so I’ll see where it takes me – it’s been an interesting ride so far.

“I do get bored real easy, so it’s a small miracle I’ve kept this going for as long as I have.”