Two nuns up! Drag queen amazing sister act puppet tribute goes viral! and gets praise from Whoopi Goldberg


drag queen has become an online sensation after his perfectly-timed Sister Act lip-sync tribute went viral – and was even praised by Whoopi Goldberg.

John Hurley, who uses stage name Bella Berserk, was filmed miming to I Will Follow Him with two puppets dressed as nuns attached to him at the Hansom Cab pub in Luton.

Footage of the Essex 48-year-old’s hilarious performance has now been viewed more than six million times – with Whoopi even sharing the video herself on her official social media.

John said he was ‘overwhelmed’ at the online response – and now hopes to one day perform his act in front of the Hollywood actress herself.

John said: “I’ve been doing that show for 15 years, it’s amazing how it just seems to have caught the imagination of the world now.

“I think people enjoy it because it’s from a really well-liked film and I think it’s unusual for a drag show – it’s a timeless track that people don’t forget.

“As an artist I’ve always been inspired by anything visually stimulating and as a comedian I’m curious about what makes people laugh.

“It’s nice to be recognised by the people that have inspired you and I would love to perform it before Whoopi Goldberg – I think she’d love it.”

In the video, filmed last month, John can be seen using the nun puppets to mime different parts of the gospel song, while dancing around the pub.

The former Michael Jackson impersonator, who tours across the UK, said the idea of creating a Sister Act-themed tribute came to him while watching the flick at home.

The blockbuster saw Whoopi’s character sent by police to live in hiding with a group of nuns after witnessing a crime.

John, who has worked as an entertainer for 25 years, performs his Sister Act tribute as part of a two hour show and made the puppets himself.


After his footage began to pick up steam on social media, 61-year-old Whoopi, who became a megastar when Sister Act hit the silver screen in 1992, shared the clip with the caption ‘Nicely done my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Other characters in John’s act include Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Amy Winehouse, Tina Turner and Lady Gaga.

John said: “The puppets were originally going to be the Bee Gees but then Maurice died and I thought it would be in bad taste.

“I realised that the singing sisters would work better – I love Whoopi Goldberg anyway and put the whole thing together without even realising it would have the effect on the audience it has.

“I originally trained as makeup artist at the London College of Fashion and learned to make puppets and other body parts.


“In order for me to do the number I have to believe that those two puppets really have a voice.

“Because I’m in the suit, I don’t see the effect it has on people at the time but I’ve been overwhelmed with this.

“I have a Dolly Parton number too with singing boobs, I just need someone to get the footage to her now – I think she’d find it funny.”