Down-paw: Company invent first dog lead with built in umbrella

The world’s first dog lead with a built-in umbrella will protect your pooch from any down-PAWS.

It’s always raining cats and dogs in the British winter, but the innovative idea works just like a human brolly, keeping your beloved pet dry in any shower.

Amazing Dog Umbrella

Down paw: A dog modelling the lead with a built in umbrella

Created by Puppia – a world leader in dog fashion – the dog umbrella features a leash attachment meaning you don’t need a separate lead.

The leash fastens on to a dogs harness and the umbrella is complete with a clear plastic cover to help your pooch manoeuvre any puddles.

Amazing Dog Umbrella

Created by designer doggy brand, Puppia, the invention helps to keep pooches dry

Melody Lewis, director at PetLondon who distribute Puppia products, said “Small dogs especially don’t like to get wet and owners can find it difficult to get them out and about when it’s raining.

“The umbrella helps them enjoy their walk no matter what the weather.

“Obviously nobody really likes the wet dog smell in their house either so it can help reduce that too.”

Amazing Dog Umbrella

Puppia products are currently sold at Selfridges in London, and are available through distributor PetLondon.