DIY dad child-proofs christmas tree by hanging it from ceiling

A DIY dad has created the ultimate child-proof Christmas tree – by hanging the five-foot festive fir from the CEILING complete with baubles and tinsel.


Kai trying, and failing, to touch the tree – proving the genius idea a success

Dad-of-three Stuart Edwards, 38, decided to take matters into his own hands through fear that two-year-old Kai would try to climb on the tree.

The self-employed joiner from Leslie, in Fife, Scotland, used his skills to attach the tree to the ceiling last year and a picture of little Kai trying to reach up and touch it went viral.

This year, Kai is a few inches taller and Stuart and wife Jenni, 38, worried that he would now be able to grab hold of the hanging tree.

But Stuart took advantage of the sloping ceiling in the home extension he built himself and moved the tree another three inches higher – just out of Kai’s grasp.

Stuart said: “Kai was only one last Christmas so we knew he would be all over the tree, grabbing it or trying to pull the baubles off it like any baby does.

“So I just wondered how I might be able to keep it out of his way – and I realised I could hang it from the ceiling.

“Everyone thought I was mad at first but once I managed to get it up there and it stayed up with all the baubles on it, they all loved it.


“Kai was mesmerised by it and kept reaching up to touch it, but it was just a few centimetres out of reach. We got a lovely picture of this and put it online and suddenly it went viral. It got more than 100,000 shares and suddenly we had people from all over the world commenting on it.

“Most people absolutely loved it but there were some people who said we shouldn’t have done it and should just teach our child discipline. But we didn’t want to spend the Christmas period shouting and thought this was the perfect solution.

“All the family love it and people always comment on it when they come round. And Kai loves it too – he’s always staring up at it and smiling and sometimes you can see him thinking about how he might be able to get to it.”

Stuart bought the unusual artificial black Christmas tree from Next three years ago after spotting it in a window display.

The tree was not for sale but Stuart managed to persuade the store to let him buy it from them once the festive period was over.

He attached it to the ceiling using a chain and screws to ensure the tree is secure and angled the branches slightly upwards so that baubles would stay on without any glue or tape.

Stuart, who is also dad to Jay, 14, and Amy, 11, said: “This year when I went to put up the tree I realised that Kai would now be able to grab the top of it as he had grown over the year.

“But luckily the roof of that room is slanting so I was able to move it up higher, just out of his reach.

“It was a bit of a joint effort between Kai and I in getting the tree up. I did all the hard work but I relied on Kai to keep reaching up to grasp for it, which let me know how high it needed to be – so it was a team effort!


“I have a reputation in the family as being creative and I do like bringing unusual designs into our home rather than just doing things the same as everyone else. It’s nice to have some personality in the place.”