Daredevils take on monster dunes at sandboarding park 

These daredevils aren’t afraid to get sand in their shoes as they take on monster dunes at a sandboarding park.

The boarders can be seen performing impressive somersaults at the Sand Master Park in Oregon.

Sand Master Park / Caters News

The park plays host to 25,000 visitors each year and employs world champions to help beginners get to grips with the unusual sport and thrill-seekers improve their crowd-pleasing skills.

Park founder, Lon Beale, said: “Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding, performed on a single board but it feels closer to surfing as the sands properties are closer to a liquid than they are to snow.

“It’s obviously warmer and it’s definitely much less expensive in fact like skateboarding or surfing once you have your board it’s free to ride.

Sand Master Park / Caters News

“Sandboarding is also not limited to a season but is possible to ride year round.

“Most of the 25,000 visitors to Sand Master Park are first timers who have always wanted to try it or have family and friends who have done it and had a great time so the new ones are very ready when they walk in our door.

“We also get many repeat visitors as they loved the sport and can’t get enough. Some visit us a dozen or more times each year.

Sand Master Park / Caters News

“Some people pick up sandboarding fairly quickly and others pick it up with a lesson. We highly recommend taking a lesson your first time.

“All of our instructors are certified under Dune Riders International (the governing body for competitive sandboarding) and all are current or former champions.

“We have a current two time world champion on our staff.”