Daredevil throws himself off 800ft cliff

Don’t look down! This is the moment a daredevil takes a few firm steps and hurls himself into the abyssoff the edge of a cliff.

Stomach-churning video captures the moment he leaps from the 800ft cliff and plummets towards the earth with nothing more than a single rope to keep him from falling to his death.

Ryan Jenks, a 33-year-old painting contractor is a fan of rope jumping – that’s leaping off a cliff, but while attached to a highline rope safety system.

Though it might seem crazy, it’s not something he takes on lightly. He’d been planning this jump for over a year, after deciding that this spot in Yosemite National Park was perfect.


The Californian makes videos like this one to put on Youtube, but he doesn’t want people to put themselves at risk by copying him and says that there’s a lack of information out there about the sport: “I made a video about how we rigged it so people would be overwhelmed by what goes into a safe set up.

“I think there’s a lack of information out there about rope jumping – anyone who watches these jumping videos, please please don’t try it on your own!

Ryan got into rope jumping through slacklining – a type of tightrope walking. He says that learning and making videos about these sports appeal to him because of his ambitious personality.


“I’m the typical Type-A personality and need to understand what I’m doing in detail as well as the big picture before I’m fully engaged.

“I have super high energy so I find myself happiest when I have four or five complex projects going at the same time.”