Daredevil Doctor, 56, Pulling Off Impressive Gymnastic Skateboard Tricks Including Handstands

After a hard day at the clinic, a respected doctor likes nothing more than to blow off some steam by pulling off amazing tricks on his beloved skateboard.

When it comes to Bert Mathieson of Nashua, New Hampshire, MD doesn’t just relate to his successful career as a doctor, but it also relates to him being a master of the decks.

After long, hard days at the Natural Health Clinic, the 56-year-old heads out to a local parking lot and nails some amazing stunts, sometimes even in his lab coat.

Pulling off unique freestyle tricks, such as handstands on the fringe of his board, the respected doctor loves fusing his love of skateboarding and gymnastics in order to invent and master brand new mind-blowing skills.

Bert said: “I use skateboarding as exercise, stress relief, and as a creative outlet.

“I get really interesting reactions from the public when they notice that I am not a spring chicken.

“Many people seem very inspired to start to do things they thought they were too old for.

“My patients react very positively as well.

“They are surprised and think it’s kind of cool that their doctor has an alter ego. I think it encourages them to keep exercising too.”

Showing off amazing skills, agility and strength, the naturopathic doctor can run circles around skaters over half his age due to his experience as a gymnast for over 18 years.

Falling in love with skateboarding way back in 1973, Bert has been grinding and kick-flipping for over 46 years.

Bert said: “There are very few things in life that I enjoy more than inventing an original trick.

“I feel like I am walking on air when I do an original trick. My mind is completely clear when I am skating, I am thinking of nothing else and I am completely in the moment.

“Some ticks are pretty hard. There are a few that I have never seen anyone else do. I think most freestyle skateboarders would credit me with inventing a few tricks such as a handstand 360 spin for example.”