Daredevil dad and daughter duo make grand entrace to party with jaw-dropping parkour

A daredevil dad and daughter duo made a grand entrance to a party with some jaw-dropping parkour.

Staring at his watch realising his daughter, Jada, is now late leaving for her friend’s birthday party, Ruel DaCosta has a unique method of transport in mind to get them there on time.


Cartwheeling out of the front door, the fearless free-runners jump, spin and somersault their way across the suburban terrain of Milton Keynes, Bucks.

Their most impressive stunt comes as 33-year-old parkour teacher, Ruel, scales his way up the side of a bridge, with 8-year-old Jada remaining perfectly poised on his back.

Not to be upstaged by her frenetic father, little Jada showcases some of her own impressive tricks, leaping over large gaps between two high walls and effortlessly launching herself onto Ruel’s back.

Ruel, who owns Paramount Parkour gym, said: “Even before Jada could walk properly she was jumping around.

“I think she saw all the things I was doing and naturally followed suit.


“We’re always making videos of us messing around and general family life, but I came up with the idea after realising we were always rushing around to parties.

“I would never push Jada into anything she didn’t want to do, but parkour comes so naturally to her, she’s so driven and competitive that she just pushes herself.

“I’m so proud of her, not for the stunts she performs, but for her ability to challenge herself, overcoming her fears and persevering.


“I’ve been teaching parkour for the last 11-years, and I’ve had the pleasure of teaching thousands of people, but nothing compares to performing with your kids.

“All I’ve ever wanted to do is be able to teach and inspire my children, Jada has made me one very proud dad indeed.”