Danny Dryer women claims her cockney washing machine shouts ‘come on then’

PIC BY Simon Jacobs/Caters News

A woman claims her washing machine could pass for Eastenders star Danny Dyer – after saying the machine’s spin cycle sounds like the Cockney hardman shouting ‘Come on Then!’.

Lesley Hazeldine, 48, from Knaphill, Surrey, says she nicknamed the Hotpoint washer/dryer DannyDryer after realising that the spin cycle made a noise hat sounded just like someone spoiling for a fight.

Council worker Lesley posted a video clip of the dryer on Facebook – and it’s now gone viral.

Lesley, said: “I’ve had the machine for over four years, and it’s a great washer, but it’s always been quite noisy.

“I was sitting in my front room one day and my washing machine was on when I heard it saying, ‘Come on then, come on then.’

“I got my daughter to listen to it to see if she could hear it or if I was going mad.

“But to my surprise, she agreed with me.

“I sent the clip in to Absolute Radio and suddenly loads of people were contacting me saying they could hear it too.”

Lesley, who is an avid Eastenders fan, has long been a fan of Danny Dyer and his films long before his days in the Queen Vic.

The mum of one, said: “I find it quite comforting. I love at the old gangster films he’s done and he’s obviously a very good looking bloke

“It happens on just a normal cycle, half way through a standard wash.

Lesley is not the only one to have found comfort in the repeated tones of Danny Dyer coming from her kitchen appliance.

Kitten, Bilbo Waggins who has been isolated by Lesley’s older cats has at least it seems got company in the Hotpoint.

PIC BY Simon Jacobs/Caters News – (PICTURED: Lesley Hazeldine with the washing machine.) –

“I have three cats and one of them and one of them sits and watches it go round, so it’s possible the noise does it for him too.

“Since I’ve recorded it and played it to colleagues at work, they have all said they can hear it and the majority of people online agree too.

“Our old washer-dryer was really old, and I think it came with the house when it was built back 50 years ago.

“In the house, it’s now called Danny Washer Dryer.

“The voice pops up, at the same point of every cycle, after the water has gone in and washes around a bit.”

PIC BY Simon Jacobs/Caters News