Dad-of-five could be ultimate on man rock band-playing parts of three people on his own!


rocker dad-of-five who aims to be the ultimate one man band has filmed himself playing a Nirvana song including drums, guitar and vocals – all BY HIMSELF.

Nathan Hutchins, 30, had spent the last three years trying to perfect the incredible feat but without success – feeling like he needed ‘three feet’ to make it work.

However when the musician discovered he could utilise the same arm he strummed the guitar with to play the snare drum, Nathan realised he had cracked the puzzle.

It only took another month of practising before the full-time chef could play Kurt Cobain’s iconic About A Girl, which was originally performed by Nirvana.

And now the aspiring rocker hopes to eventually hang up chef whites to oneday be a full-time musician – as he sets about writing his own songs that he can play as a one man band.

Nathan, from Bideford, Devon, said: “Everyone who sees me doing it is quite taken aback. I suppose it’s not something you see every day.

“I have been trying to learn to do it for a few years and I was able to do both drums and guitars at once, but since I was using my arms on the guitar, I was doing it with three drums around the feet and I just couldn’t figure out how to do it properly.

“I felt like I needed three feet in order to do it. Then I realised I could use my strumming hand to hold the drum stick too and I might be able to work the rhythm so that I could do both with one hand.

“It was very tricky at first but before I knew it, it came together and actually worked.


“Then I had to figure out the singing with it too. It’s not quite as simple as when you just sing along with your guitar as your brain is already concentrating on two other instruments so it’s pretty tough.

“I have always wanted to write original songs and perform them using this style but I realised that this Nirvana song worked really well.

“I thought that it was the perfect song to learn this new technique with as I know the lyrics really well so that helped and meant I didn’t have to read them.

“If I also had to read lyrics at the same time that would be four different things for my brain to do, which I reckon would have caused complications.

“However one of my original songs is now coming together nicely and the more my mind does it the more natural it becomes. So I’m getting better.

“Trying to work out the best angle to record it at was tricky. I had to hang my tablet from the ceiling light and I worried it would fall.

“Since I didn’t need anything else for my mind to be worrying about I had to put pillows under it in case it fell, so that I didn’t have to watch that too.”


Having been a drummer from the age of 12, Nathan has not wasted any time learning a whole host of instruments and also plays guitar, bass, piano, saxophone, cornet and even trombone in a vast range of musical styles.

Nathan, who also works as a drum teacher, said: “I’m not sure how I can incorporate any other instruments into what I do from here because the drums is technically requires four limbs on its own.

“I suppose I could use a bugle or harmonica, which only requires you to blow them. I don’t have any plans for them right now but I would say that nothing is off limits and I won’t say no to anything.

“It’s still in the early stages but I have quite a few ideas that I want to try out.

“If I could take this further I definitely would do it. I have been in many bands over the years and would love to be a full-time musician.

“To be a complete band on my own and be able to perform entire songs as a oneman show would be quite an achievement but who knows what the future holds.


“I applied for Britain’s Got Talent but I got a reply saying they liked what I was doing but applications had closed a month ago. I will probably reapply for next year’s.

“That gives me a year to practice and use some of my ideas and make it really spot on. I’m working on a Stevie Wonder song at the moment where I play drums and bass and sing, instead of the guitar. It’s very tricky but it’s going well.

“All my children bop around when I play anything and they are all quite musical. But when they saw the video of me doing this they couldn’t believe it. Before long they were all headbanging along to it.

“My wife Vivika [35] is very supportive of my music. She knows I’m all about performing. She knows that’s where my heart is at and supports my ambitions all the time.

“Music is my life – not just making music but also performing it. I think the best kick in life is performing music and getting behind a drum kit to play in front of people.

“At the moment I work as a chef which can be a very intense job on its own. So I don’t get as much time to practice my instruments but I still try to do it most days.”