Cute red-headed tot demands Ed Sheeran songs are silenced whenever super-fan mum plays cd

An adorable red-headed tot has been caught on camera delivering a damning critique of Ed Sheeran’s music – covering her ears and demanding the ‘bad’ music be turned off whenever played.

Baffled mum Tracy Hughes, 32, captured two-year-old Ada-Rose repeatedly shouting ‘no, don’t like it, off!’ and clasping her hands against her ears whenever the Grammy winner’s hits were played on Tuesday [Oct 3].


The pair were parked up at 3.20pm on Tuesday waiting for Ada-Rose’s Ed Sheeran-loving sisters Mackenzie, eight, and Brooke, six, to finish school.

Smash hits from double platinum album Divide including Shape of You and Castle on the Hill failed to impress the pint-sized tot who demanded it be switched off within seconds of them starting up.

Full-time mum Tracy from South Shields, Tyne and Wear, said: “I absolutely love Ed Sheeran and have his album Divide in the car.

“That morning on the radio one of his songs came on and she didn’t want it on.

“Later that afternoon we were waiting in the car for my other two daughters to finish school and decided to put some music on to pass the time.


“I put the CD on to see her reaction and filmed it for her dad to see if it was just one of those things that morning or she didn’t like his music.

“It did crack me up – made me laugh so much. I didn’t know she was going to react like that.

“I skipped through the songs to find one she would like but didn’t find one.

“I was more shocked when she put her hands over her ears and ‘smushed’ her face, I didn’t think she would react like that at all.”

Tracy said curly-haired Ada-Rose had been in a good mood before getting in the car, and put her grumpy reaction down to the music being played – and appears to take after her dad, 55-year-old carer Kevin Hughes, who doesn’t like Ed Sheeran songs either.


Tracy said: “She was absolutely fine when I put her in the car but when I put the music on she was not happy.

“Kevin laughed a lot when he saw the video, he thought it was really funny.

“He likes anything [music-wise] just not Ed Sheeran as he thinks his songs all sound the same.”

The footage shows Tracy trying to whet Ada-Rose’s musical appetite by playing several songs from hit album Divide – but failing to find a winner.

In the video Tracy can be heard saying: “Shall we listen to some Ed Sheeran?”

Ada-Rose pulls an unimpressed face and straight away says ‘no’ and shakes her head while clutching at her ears.

Tracy starts with Eraser then moves on to Castle On The Hill which sparks a whining noise and a resounding ‘off!’ from her.

Shape of You, Perfect and Galway Girl didn’t fare much better with the toddler repeatedly crying ‘don’t like it, off’.

The inappropriately named Happier didn’t do much to raise the tot’s mood either as when Tracy asked ‘is that really bad?’ she nodded enthusiastically with her hands still tightly clamped round her ears.

New Man, Hearts Don’t Break Round Here, What do I know? and Barcelona, also didn’t appear to pass muster.


Tracy tried to encourage her to enjoy Bibia Be Ye Ye saying ‘it’s good this one, mummy like this’ to no avail.

Final track Save Myself didn’t manage to salvage Ed’s reputation in little Ada-Rose’s eyes as she said ‘I don’t like it, bad’ so Tracy decided to turn it off.

When Tracy asks if she was happy the songs are off she looks a little confused and says ‘no’ but doesn’t agree to having his songs put back on.

Tracy revealed that Ada-Rose is a pop-lover through and through and loves Little Mix and One Direction.

Despite her youngest daughter’s aversion to the red-headed singer Tracy said she, along with her two other daughters, will continue to love his music.

Tracy said: “Her sisters and I love Ed Sheeran – I would love to go and see him.

“I think I enjoy his songs because he’s just a pretty normal guy. It’s something you can listen to with the kids, it’s about real things and real people – his music is genuine.

“I’ve been a fan since his first tracks came out. I wanted to see him at Glastonbury but didn’t manage to – would be great to see him at V Festival, I hope he’s on next year.”

Atlantic Records were approached for comment.