Crazy student attempts daredevil climb up Britain’s tallest mountain…in a pair of strapping stilletos


This crazy student attempted the unthinkable when he tried to climb Britain’s tallest mountain… in a pair of strapping STILETTOS.

Looking anxious ahead of his never-before-attempted challenge, the pioneering BenConway is preparing to climb Britain’s tallest mountain, Ben Nevis, with an interesting twist: by wearing a pair of high heels.

Stepping onto the rocky road at the base of the 4,500-foot mountain in Scotland, donning a pair of five-inch heels, it’s not long before Ben‘s ankles buckle beneath, proving just how treacherous the climb is.

Wading through rapid water and stepping into sinking mud, Ben soon sustains a nasty injury – a cut to his ankle, through which he attempts to preserve by manufacturing a make-shift bandage.


Ben, from Enfield, London, said: “The idea to climb Ben Nevis in heels came as a result of months of hard work, to achieve the unachievable.

“I’m pretty head-strong, so I wasn’t overly phased by the dangers and the potential injuries I was warned about when considering doing the climb.

“These shoes are my best friend, and though it seemed my ankle completely gave out at some moments, before long I had mastered where to place my feet on the various shaped rocks, and I got used to it.

“My main regret was not customising a pair of waterproof trousers, but I didn’t want to compromise the look by covering my calves.

“In the end, it was all about the look instead of comfort, so if you could see my legs in all their glory, then I was happy.”

Unfortunately, after a valiant effort and with just a quarter of the mountain to go, Ben had to admit defeat.

Ben said: “Sometimes you just have to be responsible and realistic with yourself.

“As much as I wanted to make it to the top, I knew with the severely rocky road ahead I was risking serious injury.

“It was the hardest decision to make because I felt like I was letting everyone down, but it was the right thing to do.

“Coming down the mountain I realised just how much of a great achievement three quarters of the way in those heels actually was.

“Not only did we battle the elements, but we also achieved something not many would comprehend in normal shoes, in nice weather.


“And, in the meantime, we managed to raise £345 for Stonewalls LGBT+ work within the community, and for Sal’s Shoes, an organization that give shoes to barefoot children.”

Ben‘s incredible ‘Heeled Hiker’ challenge was part of an application for a scholarship to study at Brixton’s renowned School of Communication Arts.

Adventurous Ben achieved the scholarship and will start studying at the school in September.

Ben said: “I like to keep my ideas fresh, but who knows, by next year I make it to the top this time”