Couch Surfing in the USA: Group take futon around North America

Three friends have come up with a unique way of documenting their road trip – by taking selfies on a couch at each location.

Couch Surfing In The USA

Life on the road: The three friends started out in Vermont but even travelled as far as Alaska on their road trip

After buying a cheap Dodge Ram van off the internet, the group spent four months travelling around North America on a quest to see-t the true beauty of their homeland.

Couch Surfing In The USA

The group had to lug the futon up hills and trails in an effort to get the best picture possible

Pictured sitting amongst various stunning locations, the friends used the futon as way of remembering their 18,000 mile round journey.

Couch Surfing In The USA

Despite it being a squeeze, the three friends managed to bring their pets along for the ride

The brain child of university pals, Becca D’Agostine, 25, Andy Fuhrmann, 25, and Dave Fine, 24, the trip was planned so that they could celebrate Andy’s recovery from a serious spinal injury.

Couch Surfing In The USA

The three friends who met at university visited some stunning locations on their 18,000 mile journey

After setting out from Burlington, Vermont the group visited anywhere from the snowy mountain tops of Alaska to breathtaking sunsets of California before ending in finally ending Massachusetts.

By turning the couch into a mattress, the students managed to save on space and so were able to bring their dogs, Arthur and Corinna, along for the ride.

Since posting the images online, they have had an overwhelming response from other would be travellers who are keen to make the same journey.

Becca said: “We bought a 1996 Dodge Ram Van on craigslist for $2000 (£?), it had 186,000 miles on it when we bought and now it has over 205,000 miles but it’s still doing great!

“Our favourite place was probably Kenai Lake on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, the colour of the water looks like the Caribbean and there’s also giant, snow covered mountains popping out in every direction.

“We stored the couch in our van, on nights that we slept in the car, we folded it out into a bed.

“We wanted to figure out a way to show how varied the American landscape is, and we thought we’d do that using us and the couch.

“It could be quite difficult hauling the couch across different locations, we crossed a couple rivers and scrambled up a few rocky hills, but for many of them we just parked the van close to where we took the picture.

“People are parked at the side of the road all over Alaska as they want to photograph the scenery but when they saw us they’d usually turn their camera our way and start snapping pictures.

“It was actually supposed to happen last summer, but Andy got a spinal cord injury last winter and we were forced to postpone it a year while he recovered, the trip turned into a celebration for all of us.”