Clowning around – Three year old boy transformed into terrifying Pennywise clown lookalike in creepy photo shoot 

Eagan Tilghman / Caters News

A three year old boy has been transformed into a terrifying Pennywise clown lookalike – and is striking fear into the hearts of thousands.

Toddler Louie Tilghman has brought terror to his town with his tribute to the new horrifying new big-screen version of Stephen King’s It, which is so uncannily similar to the adult original, it has caused a storm on social media.

The brain behind the chilling look was his older brother Eagan, 17, from Mississippi, USA, who has a knack for designing creepy costumes.

Pic from Eagan Tilghman / Caters News

He covered his little brother in white face makeup to create the horrifying look and tousled the tot’s hair to stick up, in a style not too far from that of a mad scientist, before dusting his locks with orange hair spray to create a clownish colour.

Louie wore an all-white ensemble with a thick neck scarf and held onto the infamous blood-red balloons.

If the outfit wasn’t creepy enough, the photo shoot featured Louie staring menacingly downwards on an abandoned train track and in a solitary forest, which was more than enough to make the spine tingle.

Eagan Tilghman / Caters News

One shot even showed the little one nearly submerged in murky water, with just his eyes and nose peeking above the ripples in a heart-stopping display.

But in some photos the little one couldn’t help but come off as sweet when his creepy smile revealed the adorable youngster underneath.

Eagan shared that this isn’t his first crazy costume.

The teen, whose social media is filled with art and memorabilia of super heroes and villains, was actually inspired by a Joker costume he created for his younger sibling.

Eagan Tilghman / Caters News

Eagan said: “It all started last year when my other brother, Hosea, four, wanted me to paint his face like the Joker.

“I liked the face-paint so much that I decided to dress Louie up and take some pictures, the rest is history.

“Louie definitely enjoyed it, he loves to dress up and he likes spooky shows such as Goosebumps, so he naturally had an interest in the slightly unsettling clown.

“He doesn’t really know who the clown is just yet, but he has seen the trailer pop up on TV a few times and he always gets really excited.

“I did all of the makeup and made the costume myself, the makeup was just paint that I found around the house and the costume was also made up of household items.”

Eagan Tilghman / Caters News

Louie’s photos have now racked up over 4,000 likes and over 1,000 shares on Facebook and have even caught the attention of It Director Andy Muschietti in an Instagram repost of Eagan’s Pennywise costume.

Eagan hopes the social media buzz will land him and his little brother a spot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to share his art with the world.