Christmas dinner with its ups and downs thats before the sprouts!


Ever wondered how your turkey and trimmings would taste after travelling at 20 kilometres an hour on a rollercoaster?

Alton Towers Resort in Staffs did and now guests can tuck into their seasonal roasts fresh off the rails.

The Resort which is the only place in the UK offering the service, promises gravity defying gravy as it reaches diners following a loop the loop.

Dan Wilbraham, Executive Head Chef at Alton Towers Resort, said: “The first thing people have asked is ‘what about the gravy?’

“But we can assure everyone that they will receive their full Christmas dinner with all the thrills and absolutely no spills!

“It’s been a balance of science and top secret Christmas magic.”

The turkey dinner will tackle 400m of track including a labyrinth of turns, tornado spirals and giant 26ft drops, before arriving on diners’ tables.

Chefs will serve up the full Christmas dinner, which will include turkey breast, cranberry and sage stuffing and all the trimmings.

PIC BY Michael Scott/ Caters News

Guests will also be able to enjoy Spiced Winter Vegetable Soup, Pressed Christmas Ham Terrine and Sticky Toffee Christmas Pudding with Brandy butter custard from the menu.

Dan said: “At this time of year people are spoilt for choice when thinking about where to enjoy festive food and we wanted to offer something completely different.

“This is a totally unique dining experience, available nowhere else, which literally puts a modern twist on your traditional Christmas Dinner.”


The Rollercoaster Restaurant, situated in the heart of the Staffordshire-based resort, will be open each weekend throughout the winter season.

It offers guests panoramic views of their meals speeding through one of the most exciting roller coaster tracks yet.

Thousands of people from across the globe have experienced the unique dining experience since the restaurant opened its doors in May 2016.

Across the Alton Towers Resort, which is open for a range of festive breaks throughout December,

More than 15,000 Christmas dinners are expected to served up to guests this months, including a whopping 900 kilos of turkey and 1,400 kilos of Brussels sprouts!

PIC BY Michael Scott/ Caters News