Check out this sirius-ly good Harry Potter themed christmas tree

By Kristiana Hall

A Harry Potter super-fan has pulled out her magic wand yet again to decorate her home ready for Christmas.

Kathryn Burnett, 30, has a Christmas tree covered with Harry Potter related trinkets, including a Gryffindor bauble, Hedwig the owl, and a Sorting Hat.

David Charlton Photography / Caters News

This is surrounded by brooms, books, and even a replica Hogwarts Express.

Kathryn has even re-created a famous scene from Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, where Hogwarts acceptance letters fly out from a fireplace in Harry’s aunt and uncle’s home.

Kathryn Seaham, County Durham, is obsessed with the Harry Potter world, and has even been to the Warner Bros Harry Potter studio tour a total of 14 times.

Kathryn, who works for ASDA, said: “I was 11 when I read my first Harry Potter book, so I’ve grown up with it and always loved it.

David Charlton Photography / Caters News

“All year I’ve had people asking me how I would top the previous tree and display I made, and I love a challenge so I knew I had to go bigger.

“I know have a 8ft tree instead of a 6ft one, and I’ve added a lot more decorations, including on my fireplace.

“It took me four days to put the tree, display and photo album together – everything on the fire place I made myself.

David Charlton Photography / Caters News

“The fireplace took me about a day and a half to make; I made 50 acceptance letters in total and they all needed the Hogwarts logo printed on them, as well as the wax steal stamp.

“I then used garden wire and white tac to place them so that they looked like they were flying.

“Christmas and Harry Potter are my two favourite things so I just love bringing them together.”