Check out this body of art: Painter transforms humans into stunning selection of animals

This is the stunning BODY of work by a talented painter – who transforms humans into amazing animals.

Incredible body art work

A model curled up into a ball makes the shape of graceful heron

From alligators to foxes and even owls, artist Shannon Holt, 39, paints every little detail on models to turn them into wildlife.

Incredible body art work

By using the pregnant belly of a woman, a model is transformed into a flying owl

The incredible paintings, which take anywhere between six to 12.5 HOURS to complete, are part of her Florida Wildlife Series.

Incredible body art work

Two models lying side by side use their bodies to make the shape of two crocs

Shannon, from DeLand in Florida, USA, previously worked on different surfaces such as glass, metals and wood.

Incredible body art work

A woman’s twisted arms suddenly becomes bees in a beehive

But the animal advocate decided to experiment with human canvasses and incorporate animals in her work.

Shannon, who showcases her work at said: “I’m always searching for a new way to present what it is I do.

“The body was the final surface I tried before I decided skin was the key to making my work successful.

“People always gasp or tell me how clever the image is.

“I love it because it happened automatically and beautifully with no planning – it’s a perfect creative example of how cool body painting can be.

“It can transform into two different images with the repositioning of the model’s arms and hands.”