Boys hilarious reaction to adrenaline shot after operation

Pic From Caters News

An hilarious video of a young boy given an adrenaline shot after an operation has gone viral on social media.

Ethan Joshua Lemm, 14, from Walsall came round from a operation feeling a little worse for wear, so doctors gave him a shot of adrenaline shot to put the youngster right, however they weren’t expecting this reaction.

The schoolboy can be seen in the video looking very disorientated but starts up a very funny conversation with a member of staff from the hospital.

His dad, Matthew Lemm, 37, said: “Ethan was given adrenaline shot as he was poorly after surgery, he was drowsy.

“He kept throwing up and asking for another hour to sleep, he wasn’t coming round at all so they gave him a hand injection of adrenaline to get him to come round.

“His eyes opened and all of a sudden seemed like he had been given a Duracell battery.”

Ethan’s reaction to the drug went on for 15 minutes at Birmingham’s Children Hospital before his dad posted the video onto Facebook.

Pic From Caters News

Dad, Matthew, said: “I posted it online and everyone in our town has seen it, even people from different countries have been contacting him about it.”

“His mum was concerned and being motherly.

“I couldn’t stop laughing at him.

“He said it felt like a dream, he doesn’t remember a lot of it.”

Ethan is now recovering at home with his dad.

Matthew said: “This video has distracted Ethan during his recovery so far, its been very helpful and has perked him up.”