Boy rams colossal battle tank into Toyota with devastating effect!

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News

A young motor fanatic CRUSHED a car bonnet immediately after getting the keys to an MOD battle tank.

Eddie Rogers,12, from Liverpool has become one of the youngest Brits ever to have taken control of a battle tankwhich he drove into a hatchback last Sunday.

The schoolboy has written off his first car without even driving one after destroying a Toyota Almera at Nick Meads’, Tanks-a-Lot site in Helmdon, Northamptonshire.

Eddie’s father, Simon said: “It was a thoroughly good day out although I was a little bit nervous because even the smallest tanks were pretty big.

“It would’ve been nice to ride a tank when I was his age but we didn’t do that sort of stuff back in my day!”

“We were down that way and I put in an online search for activities in Northamptonshire and it looked like a perfect day out.

Nick Meads packed in his job as a butcher 24 years ago as soon as he discovered a living could be made out of used tanks.

After constantly buying, selling and trading military vehicles, Nick now has around 150 tanks and runs Tanks-a-Lot as an experience day for army and motor fanatics.

As though taking control of a tank built for warfare was not enough, Nick recently added a Crush a Car experience to Tanks-a-Lot’s offerings.

However even Nick was surprised when he heard 12-year-old Eddie was coming to pull on the overalls and take on a Chieftain Mark 10 battle tank.

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News –

“Eddie was a fantastic driver for a 12-year-old, I was very impressed, his control of the tanks was amazing and he was much better than his father.

“I’ll have to keep his name written down to hand over to Theresa May in case she’s ever looking for young tank drivers.

“He’s definitely one of the youngest person to have driven the Russian tank which is much more aggressive to operate.

“We wouldn’t ordinarily let youngsters drive it but he was so good we couldn’t refuse.

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News

“He did a brilliant job except he didn’t have the weight to hold down the clutch which he needed a hand with but a bit more bulking up and he’s there.”

Under the instruction of Kate Rainbow, Tank-driving prodigy, Eddie put his doctor Dad to shame on the caterpillar tracks which he used to flatten a 2001 Toyota Almera.

Simon said: “We both had a great time and I was quite interested in the history of all the tanks.

“Eddie has been really interested in cars and so his excitement for driving a tank came from that really.

“I think Eddie will be showing his friends photos from the day and telling them all about it when he gets back.”

PIC BY Mikey Jones/ Caters News