Bold as brass: Watch the daring moment a musician played the tuba from a parachute

Pic from Caters News 

The sky was the limit for this daring musician when he leapt out of a plane and played the TUBA!

Brazen Danny Mallia, 31, a professional musician and regular skydiver took to the skies with skydiving instructor Chris Garcia, who captured the dive on a Go Pro attached to a selfie stick.

Despite being thousands of feet above ground, Danny from Canberra, Australia, can be heard playing an array of songs including Star Wars – The Imperial March.

Other songs including Little Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert and Ride of the Valkyrise by Wagner – as he made his descent to the beach below.
Danny said: ” The idea initially came around one night after a day’s jumping while drinking a beer and people realised I could play the tuba.

“The instructors then asked me to come down and play Little Spanish Flea for the and the idea escalated from there.”

Encouraged by his friends, Danny took the leap with his tuba last month (July 7th) and captured himself playing as he parachuted over Moruya on the South Coast of Australia.

Danny took up the tuba at school and said it was a case of the instrument choosing him as he was the largest in his class, so was naturally given the largest and most awkward instrument to play.

But despite his musical talents, Danny said he never thought he’d be playing at such high altitude and was a little nervous about losing his precious instrument.

He said: “The jump was definitely the wackiest I’ve done. Every once in a while we go up and do a fun jump but the tuba jump was definitely a special one.

“I was praying that the tuba would stay attached to the harness but once the canopy was open it was just hilarious and it was really hard not to laugh.

Pic from Caters News

“The exit from the plane was a great moment, capturing two people and a tuba falling from a plane makes me laugh every time ”

“Flying over the coast playing Ride Of The Valkyries with the beautiful Australian coast in the background is a definite highlight too.”

“I laugh every time, it was a hilarious jump and completely absurd. I can’t help but be amused every time I watch the video.

“It was without a doubt the best practice room I’ve ever been in.”

Pic from Caters News 

“In the future I hope to convince some workmates to take the plunge and have a trio or quartet in the sky. The possibilities are endless.”

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