Blockleganger! Lego genius hand makes own head in bricks from 3d scan.

PIC FROM Jack Whitefoot/ Caters News

Now that’s a chip off the old block! A Lego nut has created a replica of his own head using the bricks – after a cutting edge 3D scan.

Lego nut, Jack Whitefoot, 20, from Worcester, who studies Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough University created his head in £250 worth of bricks.

Jack took time out from his second year timetable to show off his talent in a bid to secure a work placement at Lego.

Jack said: “I’m hoping to get into Lego as a placement next year so I thought what better way to show my passion and creativity than to make a sculpture of my own head?”

“I haven’t seen any one involve a scanning process with Lego to replicate their head so fingers crossed they’ll be impressed.

“The actual scanning process isn’t a module until third year so I asked my tutor how it all works and she was very happy that it all worked out.”

PIC FROM Jack Whitefoot/ Caters News

Jack, who has been a fan of Lego since he was a child, spent two weeks working on the innovative project which included eight hours of building time.

Being a superfan of the popular brand which released its version of the Batman movies last week, Jack already had most of the bricks required.

Jack said: “Lego is a really exciting company and I’ve been playing with it since I was a kid. I think they’re a really interesting, cool company that I would love to work for.

“The whole process took two weeks but building took eight hours and that was all on the time lapse video.

“I already had most of the bricks, just not the brown ones, so the head only put me out of pocket £90 of the £250 of bricks.”

PIC FROM Jack Whitefoot/ Caters News

To craft his impressive look-alike with glasses and beard included, Jack got hands on with around 1,500 bricks.

He used three separate pieces of software to design the initial 3D scan to make the model the exact height, size and design.

PIC FROM Jack Whitefoot/ Caters News 

Jack said: “We all make different products some people have done personal products to make them stand out and be different.

“The course is so challenging and so tough which is why it’s the best design school in the country.

“Because of this, not many people have the time to pursue personal projects but I managed to get organised and find the time to do it.”