Bizarre video shows man dressed at T-Rex teetering across slackfline!

Pic by Jason McDonald/Caters News

This bizarre video show a man dressed as a TREX tip-toeing across a slackline.

Prankster Josh Beaudoin donned a dinosaur suit as he teetered across the slackline, showing off his impressive balancing skills.

The hilarious footage was taken by his pal Jason McDonald, from Colorado, in Golden’s Lions Park.

Jason said: “I can walk a slackline and do crazy stuff in the Trex suit, but Josh is far better than me on the slackline!

“So many people get these suits and make the simplest things look hard, and fall down a lot.

Pic by Jason McDonald/Caters News

“We wanted to film something hard and make it look easy.

“It’s a one-inch line, so it’s hard to keep your balance and the Trex suit makes it even harder.

“Josh fell several times at first, but he was able to walk across the line pretty quickly.

Pic by Jason McDonald/Caters News

“A lot of cars that were driving by screeched to a halt when they saw what we were doing, and stopped to watch.”

Pic by Jason McDonald/Caters News