Biker fails to land huge jump and takes faceplate tumble

An unfortunate biker took a tumble and faceplanted a ramp after failing to land a huge jump.

Todd Meyn, who is part of the travelling stunt show, Nitro Circus, was unable to land the huge front flip in front of the crowd, in Mildura, Victoria, Australia.

Painful footage shows the moment he was propelled over the handlebars of his bike on landing.

The 26-year-old has been riding BMX bikes since he was 10 years old and confesses being part of the show means he lives a ‘very crazy lifestyle’.

Todd, from Perth, said: “The show is a huge part of my life and every day something crazy is happening.

“Luckily I was fine after the fall, just a little concussed.

“I wanted to get back up and land the jump, but I had to wait till the following week because it was during a live show.

“I ended up trying it the following week, landed it and then stepped it up with a frontflip with no hands.

“I was pretty happy to say the least.”