Being nine months pregnant doesn’t stop this soon-to-be-mum-of-five busting some serious moves with her husband and kids, as she pops and locks to the beat with her baby bump

Despite being NINE MONTHS PREGNANT, this ‘Baby Momma’ busts some serious moves with her husband and four children in a Halloween themed dance-off.

Well into her fortieth week of pregnancy, not even a bulging baby bump could stop Emily Wallace from busting some SPOOKtacular moves with her family, as they performed their own take on the ‘Baby Momma’ dance phenomenon – including a Halloween twist.

Painting her pregnant belly to resemble a festive pumpkin, in Seneca Falls, New York, USA,  Emily impressively pops, locks and drops to the beat as her four children – Sawyer, Griffin, Wyn and Harrison – and her husband, Will, all boogie around her in their Halloween outfits.

Coming as part of their daily family blog, ‘It’s Our Wonderful Life’, it seemed baby Posey was eager to get in on the dancing action, too, as just five days later she became the latest addition to the Wallace family.

Will, who donned an amusing whoopee cushion costume for the family throw down, said: “Nobody could believe Emily could move that well when she’s full-term.


“We’ve been posting a video every day in the lead up to Posey’s birth, and after seeing some of the ‘Baby Momma’ dance videos online, Emily thought it would be a good idea to put our own family spin on it.

“Emily was very eager to give birth and I think all that dancing helped Posey move into the right position.

“We all look forward to Halloween every year because we love to get dressed up and go out with the kids.

“The kids especially look forward to all the candy.

“Our YouTube channel is full of fun videos like this, it follows our lives and our journey raising five children.

“We like to have fun with our videos and want to continue sharing our lives, putting a humorous spin on what it’s like to raise so many kids.”

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