Beat the rush hour: incredible water taxi allows commuters to skip rush hour and hit the waves

THIS is incredible water taxi allows commuters to skip rush hour by hitting the waves.

The Bubble is the brainchild of SeaBubbles ( who designed the vehicle in an effort to cut down on road traffic.

Pic from SeaBubbles/Caters News

The design first hit the headlines last year after the tech company launched its “Uber for water taxis”.

The company are now conducting a five-week trial in Paris after testing it again in Geneva last month.

Pic from SeaBubbles/Caters News

It should be ready for pre-orders this month.

And they have also announced plans for an app where users can order a ride plus a docking system.

Pic from SeaBubbles/Caters News

The water taxi – which can fit up to five people – emits zero emissions and glides through the water without creating waves.

It is thought the car-shaped river shuttle could cut commutes in half in some cities.

Pic from SeaBubbles/Caters News

A spokesman for the company said: “The Bubble is autonomous during its rides and charges while people are getting in and out, while stationed at the dock.

“People can enter from the side door, with the help of a hostess, and take their seats into the Bubble.

Pic from SeaBubbles/Caters News

“When reaching 7.5 mph the Bubble will start flying above the water, preventing from any seasickness, sudden movements or waves rolling.

“Once the ride is over, the bubble slowly comes back to the water level to reach the Dock, letting its passengers out and waiting until the next ones are ready to board.”