Aww! Adorable nativity scene recreated with newborn babies

Coralie Kyriacou/Caters News

A photographer has recreated the classic nativity scene with adorable newborn babies.

Coraline Kyriacou, 33, from Weston Super Mare, specialises in newborn baby and children’s photographer and thought the project would be great to celebrate the festive period.

Coralie Kyriacou/Caters News

She said: “I thought it would be a great way to celebrate Christmas with newborns and the idea got stuck in my head.

“I spent the days leading up to the shoot planning the scene, building the set and where each baby would go.

“The first task was finding enough newborns together on one day but after I advertised for babies born between certain dates, I had lots of replies.”

Coraline got together twin brother and sisters, Chrysanthi and Loizos, who played the parts of Mary and Joseph, baby Lincoln, Connor and Zenon, who played the three kings, Louis as the shepherd, Hallie as the little lamb and Joanie as the Angel.

Coralie Kyriacou/Caters News

Coraline said: “Considering the babies ranged from just 8 days to 26 days they were all fantastic.

“The final image is a composite of all the shots taken and every baby was supported by an assistant and never left unattended.

“The babies arrived at staggered times throughout the day so every little model could have the time they needed.

“Every baby was brilliant and due to them being swaddled we were able to work with without any tantrums.”

Coralie Kyriacou/Caters News

“Whether you are religious or not, I think the nativity scene is something that most of us are familiar with and helps us to remember what is at the heart of Christmas.”