Are You Sssserious? Snake Catcher Called To Remove ‘Snake’ And Discovers It’s A Rubber Toy

An amused snake catcher was left in stitches after he was called out to remove a ‘snake’ that was lurking under a bed – only to discover it was a TOY.

Stuart McKenzie, 29, received a panicked call from a homeowner who said a cleaner had discovered a snake underneath one of the beds in a room she was working in. 

With all his best snake-catching gear in tow, Stuart raced over to the holiday home in Peregian Springs, Queensland, Australia last week [29 MAY] – ready to come face-to-face with any serpents that might appear.

Arriving at the house, the cleaner directed Stuart to the bedroom where she had barricaded the snake in until he arrived and informed him it was lurking underneath the left single bed.

But after bending down to have a look where it was hiding, Stuart was shocked to discover that the ‘snake’ was just a rubber toy.

Stuart, who owns Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, said: “A family had been staying in a holiday home, and the lady who owns the house always has someone over to clean it after the guests leave.

“I got a call from her to tell me that a cleaner had found a little black snake in one of the rooms she was working in.

“I told her to lock the door and pop a towel underneath so that the snake wouldn’t get out or go anywhere until I arrived.

“I headed straight over and had a chat to the cleaner, who told me she had gotten a bit of a fright while doing the vacuuming.

“She said she had seen a black snake under the left bed, so I went in to have a look. I instantly knew something wasn’t quite right.

“It certainly looked like a snake. But its body shape was really stubby for its length and it just looked odd.

“Then I got closer and just said ‘oh no…’ and put my hand in to grab it. It was a rubber toy.

“I was in shock and then just started laughing. It was really funny.”

Stuart, who has been catching snakes for the past six years, said that this type of thing happens all the time – but added that it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to snakes.

He said: “The cleaner couldn’t believe it. I think she felt a little bit bad.

“But she definitely did the right thing, as it could have been a real snake.

“The homeowner saw the funny side of it. It still cost her a call out fee, but she was just happy it wasn’t a real snake.

“There must have been kids staying there before who left it behind.

“This kind of thing happens all the time. I’ve had rubber straps, branches and hoses that people thought were snakes.

“But it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to snakes. You just never know.”