Adorable kids recreate movie scenes thanks to creative parents and household junk 


A talented family have created hilarious scenes of their children re-enacting famous movie scenes – all from the comfort of their carpet.

Daniel and Sarah Schmidt, both 37, create ‘carpet art’ with their children, using props to make funny scenes.

The Schmidt family have recreated scenes from Star Wars, Lion King and Game of Thrones with the help of their two sons – Jeremy, three, and Owen, nine months.

However, aside from movie scenes, the doting parents also put their children in hilarious comedy scenes from Owen stealing the Mona Lisa to fronting Guns N’ Roses.

Daniel, from Pennsylvania, US, said: “All the props to create the scenes are from things lying around the house – like bed sheets, old T-shirts, empty containers, cardboard and duct tape.

“We have seen other people make beautiful scenes with elaborate decorations, but we stick to random house junk.

“Our inspiration for scenes comes from everything – movies, TV shows that we like, current events and even a scrap of old carpet that reminded us of woolly mammoth fur!”

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Caters News

Caters News

The pair started taking these photographs after they were inspired by similar staged pictures they saw on Pinterest.

The hobby started at something they would show to friends and family, but now they post their photographs regularly to their Instagram.

Dan added: “We initially thought it would be fun to try, and was a cool way to share pictures of our baby with our friends and family.

“Eventually we decided to create an Instagram account dedicated to sharing pictures that other parents submitted of their babies in funny scenes too.

“People really like the photos, and the funny scenes and references to movies and TV shows are especially appreciated.

“My favourite scene is the Pope Visits Philly or the Guns N’ Roses one, but Sarah’s is the Game of Thrones one.

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“We think people can get a little over saturated with normal pictures of kids so this is a fun new spin on it!”

However, despite the photographs seeming immaculate, the Schmidt’s admit that it takes a lot to get the perfect snapshot.

Dan said: “We let the ideas bounce around in our heads for a while, and once we finally decide to make it happen we usually complete the scene in an hour or so.

“We find the key to taking the pictures is timing. We try to make the scene while the boys are napping.

“And then it’s usually best to involve the boys after a nap because the baby is in a good mood and the lighting in the room is best.

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“There is a quick window of opportunity because once they start fussing, the photo shoot is over.

“Some parents with newborns could probably arrange their babies while they’re sleeping, but once that stage is over it’s nearly impossible!”