A thirsty days work! Explorers take a drink from natures water fountain

By Mike Jones

A group on a tour of the Arctic Kingdom stopped off for a quick drink at one of natures water fountains.

Dave Briggs, from Toronto, Canada, has been leading expeditions of the Arctic Kingdom for the past seven years and took the group to see a huge iceberg that has been melting for the several years, in August, last year.

Pic by Dave Briggs / Arctic Kingdom/Caters News

Dave said: “During the long days of the Arctic summer the surface of a large iceberg melt and develop fast flowing rivers on the surface.

“The amount of water flow will change daily depending on the daytime and nighttime temperatures.

“On this particular day it was beautiful and sunny during the height of summer so I would consider it above normal.

“It is quite possible the water is derived from snow that fell to the ground during the last ice age 10,000 years ago, so taking a cup and drawing a fresh drink from the iceberg is both intriguing and magical.”

Pic by Dave Briggs / Arctic Kingdom/Caters News

Dave has been a guide since finishing university in countries across the globe such as Indonesia, African and America.

He said: “I feel guiding in the Arctic is the last frontier.

“I love the remoteness and challenges in the Arctic, and of course of working closely with Inuit partners, the local indigenous people of the Canadian Arctic, is unique and special.”

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