A-round-the-world: World’s most iconic cities are photographed as tiny circular ‘planets’

Some of the world’s most iconic cities have been photographed as you’ve never seen them before – in the shape of tiny round planets.


PIC BY AIR PANO / CATERSNEWS – The curving urban sprawl of New York City as seen as a little planet

By using a pioneering method of aerial photography, each location can be now seen at a full 360 degree angle.


PIC BY AIR PANO / CATERSNEWS – The Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai as never seen before

After some skilful manipulation on Photoshop known technically as ‘stereographic projection’, each sweeping panorama is then turned into a small circular shaped image.


PIC BY AIR PANO/ CATERS NEWS – The Shanghai skyline, visible is the Aurora Tower, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, Oriental Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower

Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building or the Shanghai Skyline, each image manages to show hundreds of miles of city landscape.


PIC BY AIR PANO / CATERS NEWS – The Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge, Sao Paolo, Brazil

The distinctive images were taken by Russian photography group, AirPano, who have made it their mission to capture some of the most amazing views on Earth.

Taken over the space of eight years, the group have used helicopters, airplanes, dirigibles, hot air balloons, helium balloons and use radio- controlled drones to shoot from staggering heights.

Project Co-ordinator, Sergey Semenov, 32, said: “To make these images, firstly we create aerial spherical panoramas, but this is not an easy task.

“We often photograph from a drone, but we also photograph from helicopters, airplanes, dirigibles, hot air balloons and helium balloons.

“Since the beginning of the project, AirPano team has created panoramas of the most interesting and significant places and cities of the Earth.

“The only problems we have are with permission usually, in some places, like Stonehenge, it’s strictly forbidden to fly near the monument.

“We plan to visit many more cities yet, including the likes of Indonesia, Japan and Great Britain in the next three months.”

To see more little planets visit www.airpano.ru