A Picture To Die For! Woman Travels World Taking Series Of Bizarre Pictures – Where She Pretends To Die In Front Of Iconic Landmarks

A snap-happy artist has created the travel album to die for – after she travelled the world taking photos of herself pretending to be DEAD in famous locations around the globe.

Artist Stephanie Leigh Rose, who lives in London, started the project about eight years ago, and has hundreds of snaps of herself posing dead everywhere from the Eiffel Tower to Disney World.

Pic by Caters News

After posting some of the snaps online, she received a huge number of positive comments- it was then when she decided to turn it into an actual project she called ‘STEFDIES’.

Stephanie is originally from the US and due to her father’s position in the navy, she has been travelling since a young age and there is no place in the world she calls ‘home’.

With travelling being a big part of her life, Stephanie quickly launched her project by snapping anti-selfies in all the landmarks she visits.

She doesn’t use any special requirements, lights, preparations, props or makeup- just a simple phone camera  to snap moments of her daily life and she believes that’s  exactly how real life is, unpredictable, with no special preparations or lighting.

Pic by Caters News

Stephanie said: “I received an incredible response from friends and strangers alike, something in the ridiculousness of these poses, or the reactions of the passer-by-it brought them joy they wrote, it made their day a little bit brighter and brought them a much needed laugh.

“I realised I wanted to continue putting something positive into the world, while at the same time using art to synthesise my feelings and thoughts regarding our impermanence on this earth.

“The entire point of ‘STEFDIES’, is that the viewer is allowed to participate in the image- whether that is by imagining the circumstances of the surrounding image, or in recreating the pose in their own photos.

“I invite people to connect and interpret the scenes as they wish-part of the joy and humour of STEFDIES, is no-one knows exactly what the hell is going on, and that’s pretty much a direct reflection of real life in general.

Pic by Caters News

“I get one chance to get the shot, if it doesn’t happen, c’est la vie- we have one life to live, and we don’t get re-dos- and I would like to think I try to capture that feeling, that fleeting sense of life and its impermanence, in my photos.”

She says she has never been to some place just for a photo- it’s something that must come up spontaneously, in the moment.

She says she usually gets inspired by ‘exhausting and amusing situations she finds herself in’ and wants to capture these moments.

She added: “ One of the most special ‘STEFDIES’ photo I remember was the one I took on our first date with my now husband, Paolo, four years ago.

“He says it made him think ‘I like this girl’.

Pic by Caters News

“I also did a ‘STEFDIES’ during our wedding in Italy.

Stephanie says that despite having been stepped on  and kicked out of some landmarks, she has never faced any danger.

She added:  “I remember each and every shot I have ever taken, who I was with, what I saw, what I experiences, what I learned, all because I had to take myself out of my one head and get into the moment-it’s really hard not to be present when you are face down eating dirt. “