Shepherds place farm is challenging customers to eat a whopping fry up costing just £15

You’ve heard of the Big Breakfast, but how about a TERMINATOR breakfast?

A café in Yorkshire is challenging its customers to devour an enormous breakfast of more than 64 items.

The supersized full English, dubbed the Terminator 2, is being served up at Shepherd’s Place Farm Café in Haxey, Doncaster.

Pic from Caters News

And so far, no-one has been able to finish the gargantuan platter by themselves.
The £15 dish contains eight of everything; that’s eight hash browns, eight eggs, eight sausages, eight slices of black pudding, eight rashers of bacon, and eight slices of toast.
The mammoth feast also includes mushrooms, tomatoes and baked beans, and comes with a mug of tea or coffee to wash everything down with.
Farm owner, Ted Phillips, decided to introduce the Terminator 2 after diners found the original version, the Terminator, which cost £7.50, too easy.
And at double the price of its predecessor, the Terminator 2 is proving to be a popular menu item among those in the north of England.
Ted said: “We started serving it about two weeks ago because too many people were finding the Terminator too easy.

“We thought we’d give them something to really have a go at; so instead of four of everything, they now have to tackle eight of everything!
“We’ve had people coming from all over to try it; people from Leeds, Selby, Sheffield, Hull.
“We’ve had electricians, plumbers, football lads, rugby players, the lot; it’s a novelty between the working lads I suppose.
“And it’s not just men either; there are a lot of women up for the challenge too.”
Whoever manages to complete the gargantuan brekkie with have their name added to the café’s wall of fame.
So far though, no-one has been able to finish the Terminator 2.
“We had a lady in over the weekend that was on her third attempt. We thought she was going to crack it but unfortunately she just couldn’t
manage it.
“She only left a few slices of toast and some beans!”
The Terminator 2 is so big that it has to be served up on huge serving platters rather than normal plates.
But Ted explained that he thinks the reason no-one has been able to polish off the deadly fry-up is because of the toast and hash browns.
“It’s the bread and hash browns that get people.

“We had one bloke attempt it and he ate the toast first, then the hash browns, then the bacon and mushrooms.

Pic from Caters News

“At the end he was left with one sausage and a couple of eggs.”
Shepherd Place Farm Café already had a range of all-day breakfasts on offer before the introduction of the Terminator 2, with names such as The Shep and The Farmhouse.
And the Tearoom on site sells a mammoth Ploughman’s lunch too.
Ted said they decided to dish up such hefty meals is because of the community they serve.
“We’re a massive rural community here, with some big farmers working close-by, and they’re the type of people who can demolish a pretty big
breakfast with ease.
“We do the extra big breakfasts because they need it!”
Encouraged by the success they’ve had with the breakfasts and sticking with the Terminator theme, Ted is planning to host an event later in the
year called Judgement Day.
This will see the café, the tearoom and the ice cream parlour that’s on site, all getting involved with one massive Man v Food style challenge.
“Judgement Day is going to be a huge event, something for the public.
“We’re thinking of holding it around the August Bank Holiday and if it’s a success we’ll turn it into an annual thing.
“The winner of Judgement Day will get a trophy from the farm and a place on our wall of fame.”
And with a video production company interested in filming the Terminator 2 breakfast challenge, surely it can’t be too long before someone manages to demolish the lot.