By Laura Dale

A stunning woman can transform people into anything – from a skull portrait to a bison’s head.

Mirjana Milosevic, 35, is a creative make-up artist and skin illusionist who has been painting people since 2012.

The mother-of-two can turn people into anything from a jack-in-the-box – including a stomach spring – to a woman with a plaited stomach.

Mirjana discovered her talent after doing kids face-painting five years ago and discovering how talented she was at it.

The artist, who lives in Serbia, has been sharing her creations online and has been regularly congratulated for her creations, both in competitions and by fans.

Mirjana said: “The people that I model on are my friends – they can’t wait for me to call them for another bodypainting! But I also draw on myself.

“Sometimes I spend days just thinking about what I’ll draw next, and I find inspiration from music, the web, cartoons and watching movies. But I always put my own personal touch on my work.

“My main inspiration are my kids, and my partner, who support me and give me ideas every day.

“I learned how to do this myself after completing a course of beauty makeup because I wanted to be more familiar with some techniques that I could use in bodypainting.”