Meet the modern family who live their lives as if they were in the 1950s!

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Meet the modern family who love nothing better than living their lives as if they were in the 1950s.

The Australian time-travelling Dew family spend their time wearing outfits that would look more at home in Grease than Geelong, in Victoria.

Mum Beckey, 34, thinks nothing stopping by her local Coles supermarket with her three boys and husband Ryan in tow all done up in traditional attire and they even have the classic cars.

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She and Ryan, 35, work normal jobs during the week but theindulge their passion for everything 50s at the weekends when it’s time to rock and roll including their three sons, Blayze, eight, Ashton, five, and two-year-old Ethan.

Beckey said: “I’ve always been a little old-fashioned.

“Growing up in the 80s, everyone was listening to Metallica and Madonna, but I was dancing around my living room in a petticoat listening to Buddy Holly and the Beatles.

“I just love the simplistic lifestyle from that era, when the whole family would go for a long drive together on the weekends.

“Everyone took pride in how they looked.

“My husband Ryan always has a quiff in his hair and I always have a big flower in mine, so we look a little different than theother parents on the playground, but our kids don’t know any different.

Pic from Caters News

“Most people ask if we’re going to an event or a dress up party and they’re usually shocked when we tell them it’s just how we dress.

“I just tell them we love the 1950s.”

Beckey, a part-time aged care nurse, was introduced to the era at the tender age of eight by her parents, who ran a rock and roll dance club in Colac, Victoria.

Every Sunday night, she’d take dance lessons with her fellow townsfolk and on weeknights she’d practice in the living room with her father, Gordon, to the song Rock Around the Clock.

By the time she was a teenager, Beckey realised she wasn’t much like the other kids her age and began to wonder if she’d ever meet her match.

Not only did she have different interests than her peers, but she also looked different.

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She said: “I had frizzy hair and never knew how to tame it, and I was always bullied for my weight.

“For many years, I was told I was fat and ugly…and I believed it. So I made myself invisible.

“But then a turning point came in Year 11, when my friend Sam invited me on a double date.

“My date was so quiet and spent the whole evening reading a magazine, but the next day he looked me up in thephonebook and rang my house. I was the happiest girl in the world and now he’s my husband! We’ve been together for 17 years.”

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The couple shares a unique love of the 1950s and are equally obsessed with everything from vintage cars to classic movies like Grease and American Graffiti.

And while they live in a modern house, it’s filled with collectables from the bygone era, including vintage broaches and a cast of classic Barbie dolls.

In the garage, they boast an impressive 20 motorbikes a few classic cars, including a 1954 Pontiac, a 1961 EK Holden named Lucille, and a 1948 Fordson bread van that once belonged to Ryan’s grandfather.

A third-generation auto mechanic, Ryan loves nothing more than spending an afternoon under the hood.

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In fact, most of the family‘s weekends are spent at vintage car shows, where the couple sells Rockabilly clothes to other 50s fanatics.

Beckey said: “We started the business, Rockabilly Adventures, back in 2013 after visiting a Rockabilly festival, we realised that there was no clothing available for the kids.

“I was pregnant with our third son at the time, so we got the idea to sell Rockabilly for the whole family.

“We sell most of our items at the vintage car shows on the weekends and try to bring our kids with us so we can spend more time with them.

“But we try not to push our lifestyle on them too much. We show them old movies, but still let them see the new ones too.

“Our oldest son, Blayze, loves ACDC. And that’s alright.”

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Beckey admits that she didn’t always feel comfortable dressing in Rockabilly and says it wasn’t until she entered her 30s that she finally became comfortable enough to incorporate the style into her everyday life.

While she has to wear a uniform at work, she’s never without a vintage broach or a pin curl in her hair and on the weekends it’s all about swing dresses.

It’s a special touch that her elderly patients appreciate.

She said: “When you work in aged care, you can’t be too outrageous.

“But many of the patients, especially the ones with dementia, look at me and it calms them down.

“It takes them back to the good old days. I love listening to their wartime stories.”

The once “shy, chubby girl from a small country town” has also made quite a splash in the pinup scene over the last year and has even garnered a few accolades, including winner of the National Vintage Fashion Awards 2016.

Inspired by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, Beckey knows that the secret to any successful pinup career begins with a bit of spark and an array of outfits.

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Beckey, a size 16, said posing as a pinup has helped her feel more comfortable with herself and her body.

She said: “I’ve been on a yo-yo diet since I was 14 and always thought I was too fat, so it took me a long time to get thecourage to get up on stage.

“But at the end of the day you’re alongside so many women with the same passion as you and before you know it you’ve made some amazing friends.

“I feel very strongly in the message that we should love the skin we are in and I believe we can do and be anything we want.

“We get one chance at this life, so we should do what makes us happy.”

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