Revolutionary design makes eco-friendly pleasure yacht soar like it’s flying!

This revolutionary yacht looks to take sea travel to the next level, soaring across choppy waters as if it were FLYING. Named the “Foiler,” the 870,000 GBP vehicle (1.24 million USD) has a cutting-edge design th... read more>>

Quirky Stories

It's a full house for underwater poker game!

Two divers were shocked to see a group playing underwater poker on their ascent back to the surface. The video, captured by Vital Bazarov, an experienced diver from Egypt, shows the group, who have placed down a mat, to play poker on the ocean floor, off the coast of Aqaba Gulf, in Dahab, Egypt. Click here to view the footage: Vital ... read more>>

Hello Dah-lings! Over a thousand luxurious items belonging to Zsa Zsa Gabor the hollywood star dubbed the original Kim Kardashian are up for auction

Over a thousand luxury items belonging to Zsa Zsa Gabor, the Hollywood star dubbed ‘the original Kim Kardashian’, are up for auction. Her extensive designer couture, accessories, memorabilia and the socialite’s secret star-filled address books will be offered for the first time with Heritage Auctions next month (April 14). Budapest-born, Zsa Zsa, shot to stardo... read more>>