Hilarious model seal pulls out a number of poses, even plays peek-a-boo

This wannabe model seal decided to pulled out a series of hilarious poses for an unsuspecting photographer. Lying on the sands, the seal put her flipper behind her head, grinned, and even played PEEK-A-BOO with Kamila Kalinsk... read more>>

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Strictly cam dancing - Chameleon shows off his dance moves

A chameleon shows off his dance moves in an attempt to blend into his surrounds. Chamille, the four-month-old chameleon, is owned by 24-year-old, Gabe Shuler, from Charleston, South Carolina, and is attempting to do what is known as the 'leaf dance'. The dance is used by chameleons to blend into their surroundings by rocking back and forth imitate the moves of... read more>>