Rainbow hair don’t care! Girls multi-coloured mermaid style hair take internet by storm

 A woman has taken the internet by storm with her incredible rainbow coloured locks that have attracted over 300,000 followers to her Instagram page. Amy Witham, 23, from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, first started dying... read more>>

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Cheeky toddler pulls her auntie’s pants down while she cuts customer’s hair

A cheeky toddler pulled her auntie’s pants down while she was cutting a customer’s hair. As Lucy Cutts watched her sister Amie working in her home salon in Retford, Notts, her daughter followed closely behind. Feeling mischievous, the five-year-old reaches up and grabs on to the waist of her auntie’s pyjama bottoms before tugging them to the ground.  Embarr... read more>>