Elixir of youth! Cocktails to take you back to childhood !

Not really child’s play – but a bar has created ten cocktails based on famous children’s books. Mixing up strange alcohols and ingredients, such as toast essence and artichoke vermouth, the drinks are desi... read more>>

Quirky Stories

Watch real life mario kart race down the streets of Tokyo!

Watch out for banana skins! This is the moment a Real-life Mario Kartrace took to the streets in Japan. Dressed in Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach costumes and armed with Mario Kart 'weapons', fans of the Nintendo video game rev their engines as they prepare to race along the busy streets of Tokyo. While riding go-carts alongside other vehicles is illega... read more>>

Successful getaway - Care hire firm supplies Italian job minis

For anyone who wants to blow the doors of their weekend in London these Minis are just the ticket. The old Mini Coopers come with 60s outfits that match Michael Caine's from the cult classic The Italian Job, as well as a bar of 'gold' hidden in the boot. It's possible to hire out the cars and live a fugitive's life in London for the weekend. Robert Welch acci... read more>>