The Braidy Bunch! Creative Mum Transforms Daughter’s Hair Into Amazing Easter Basket – Complete With Eggs

 This creative mum transformed her daughter’s hair into an amazing Easter basket – complete with eggs. Businesswoman Erin Balogh, 43, filmed the video of her braiding ten-year-old daughter Quinn’s hair at their home ... read more>>

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A Reptile Disruption: Nuissance Lizard Likes To Lick Doorbell

A curious lizard made a nuisance of itself by incessantly licking a doorbell. Clothing boutique owner Jordan Whitlach, 33, was confused when his Ring doorbell wouldn’t stop sending alerts from his home in Spring, Texas. The curious green caller casually licked at the doorbell multiple times, completely unaware that they're disturbing of the peace antics were being r... read more>>