Fit for a king – Listed home look like real-life setting for Game Of Thrones with $2m.

A recently-listed home really is fit for a king, as it appears to be the perfect setting for a scene in GAME OFTHRONES. They say that a man’s home is his castle, and with stained-glass windows, artwork on the ceilings... read more>>

Quirky Stories

Good enough to eat! Incredibly realistic wedding dress made out of cake!

This wedding dress looks good enough to eat - and you can eat it, because it's made out of CAKE. The incredibly realistic-looking dress is made up of sponge, icing and pretty decorative flowers - and you'd never guess it wasn't a real wedding dress. The delicious dress was created by baker Emma Jayne, who showcased her creation at the Cake Internati... read more>>

Lost sex appeal - abandoned erotic museums in Japan!

These buildings have lost their sex appeal – as their erotic themed exhibits lie abandoned. The hihokan, or treasure palaces, appear to be in need of a lot of tender love and care after people interest due to the internet. These museums were extremely popular in Japanese spa towns in the 1970s and '80s. They were often eclectic collections of taxidermy,... read more>>