Hardly a Dogs Dinner! Avid Baker makes stunning cakes which look real like dogs!

These cakes are sure to cheer you up if you’re having a ruff day, as they look exactly like PUPPIES. Clever baker Laura Loukaides, from Hertfordshire, spends up to two weeks crafting the sweet treats after developing ... read more>>

Quirky Stories

Mouse cafe installed in secret becomes city's biggest cheese tourist attraction!

A cafe for mice on the edge of a road has become a Swedish city's most popular tourist attraction but the creators are Anonymouse. The unusual instalment to the city of Malmo has become a hit with locals and tourists alike with flocks of people crowding to see it every day. Amazingly the cafe just keeps getting bigger and more detailed as visitors have joined in... read more>>

Meet the man who owns the worlds biggest Mr Men collection!

Meet Mr Obsessive! This is the man who's splashed thousands of pounds on the world's biggest MR MEN collection - and now he plans to open a Mr Men THEME PARK. Ben Daly, 23, has spent nearly two decades collecting anything and everything to do with the childhood classic – and now he's got almost 3,000 items in his impressive collection. Ben and his parents, Kat... read more>>