Is it cold mum? Adorable moment baby seal tests the water on first swimming lesson with its mum

This is the adorable moment a baby harp seal braved the icy water as it went swimming for the first time. The fluffy two- week-old harp seal looked initially reluctant to get in as it was pictured tentatively waiting on the i... read more>>


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Sandcastles In The Sky

Hidden within the Himilaya, in a gorge so large it dwarfs the Grand Canyon lies one of the World's greatest archaeological mysteries - thousands of man-made caves... read more>>

Swimming Pigs

Meet the real beach babes: the herd of pigs that live a life of luxury paddling in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. The lucky swines live on the white san... read more>>

Pine Dining

Enjoying a sandwich while hanging precariously from the branches of one of the world's tallest trees wouldn't be most people's idea of the perfect picnic. But fo... read more>>

Alex Honnold Freeclimbing

The climber fearlessly takes on huge Cliffside's without a rope to stop him from falling. Three years ago he free climbed up Yosemite's Half Dome in two hours and... read more>>

Lava Lovers

A boat sails dangerously close to erupting volcano Kilauea in Hawaii. Dicing with death photographing the world's most deadly volcanoes wouldn't be everyone's ide... read more>>

Happy Faced Spider

Meet the only spider in the world guaranteed to bring a smile to your face - the happy face spider. The tiny creature was given its name due to bizarre markings o... read more>>

Diving Kingfisher

This is the incredible image of the precise moment a kingfisher divebombed into a lake and came beak to beak with its own reflection, mirrored on the water's surf... read more>>

Camouflage Bugs

Stare at these pictures for long enough and you might just spot some clever creatures playing an impressive game of hide and seek. From a katydid disguised as a l... read more>>

Rainbow Monsoon Clouds

As far as photo opportunities go, this one was clearly sent from heaven. It's not often you get to view a rainbow from above, but as this lucky phographer proved rainbows are clearly spectacular whichever angle you view them from. The mesmerising aerial shot shows a rainbow and monsoon clouds over the Indian Ocean. The unique spectacle was captured by award-winning phot... read more>>

Methane Bubbles Explosion

This is incredible moment ice became fire when a frozen lake released a deadly gas that explodes into a massive FIREBALL. Toxic bubbles of highly-flammable methan... read more>>

Monarch Butterflies

Judging by these images, if you're a butterfly this is clearly the place to be. Clinging to trees in their millions and creating a wonderful orange glow as they f... read more>>

Friendly Leopard Seal

This is an incredible moment a potentially deadly seal came within just a few feet of a photographer and appeared to smile for the camera. Brave photographer Paul... read more>>

Jumbo Elephant

This is the incredible image which appears to show an elephant of mammoth proportions dwarfing a herd of giraffes. At up to 19ft tall, small is not a word normall... read more>>