Young Professional Told To Cover Up On Flight Over ‘Inappropriate’ Bralet Top Slams Airline For Sexism – And Calls For Visible Dress Codes At Point Of Booking

A young professional who was nearly kicked off an airline flight over an ‘inappropriate’ crop top has slammed the airline for sexism – and called for there to be visible dress codes when passengers book.

Emily O’Connor, 21, claims she was left distraught after Thomas Cook staff made an announcement on the plane’s tannoy system that she needed to put a jacket over her black bralet.

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The finance worker, from Solihull, West Mids, claims another passenger on the flight from Tenerife to Birmingham earlier this month swore at her and called her ‘pathetic’ over the row.

Emily has now called for all airlines to display their dress codes at the point of booking so passengers can be made aware before they board a flight – but insisted claims her outfit was offensive were sexist.

Speaking this morning [SAT] after a week in the centre of a media storm over the incident, Emily said: “I think each airline’s dress code policy needs to be visible online before you book, and cater to the country they’re flying into.

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“When you’re flying in Europe, a dress code needs to be visible before you board the aircraft, and needs to be visible on the page before you book.

“But the problem isn’t with Thomas Cook as such it’s largely with society as a whole and their perceptions of women.

“People might wear t-shirts with offensive slogans, so how come they’re not reprimanded?

“I’m a professional person who works hard, and I had no right to be treated how I was.

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“If there’s a dress code it needs to be made explicit to the passenger before they get on the aircraft, otherwise by then it’s too late.”

In a tweet describing the incident which has since gone viral, Emily said: “Flying from Bham to Tenerife, Thomas Cook told me that they were going to remove me from the flight if I didn’t ‘cover up’ as I was ‘causing offence’ and was “inappropriate’. They had 4 flight staff around me to get my luggage to take me off the plane”.

Thomas Cook have since apologised but insisted their appropriate attire policy ‘applies equally to men and women of all ages without discrimination’.

A spokesman for Thomas Cook said: “We are sorry that we upset Ms O’Connor.

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“It’s clear we could have handled the situation better.

“In common with most airlines we have an appropriate attire policy. This applies equally to men and women of all ages without discrimination.

“Our crews have the difficult task of implementing that policy and don’t always get it right.”