We’re all rooting for you! – dad-of-three grows the world’s biggest carrot 

Pic from Caters News

We’re all rooting for you! – This dad-of-three has grown the world’s biggest carrot.

Chris Qualley, 34, has been growing giant veg for the past two years at his home in Minnesota, USA.

The previous Guinness world record for the heaviest carrot was 20 pounds, set in 2014 by Peter Glazebrook from Newark, Nottinghamshire.

But dad-of-three Chris was determined to go one step further and it is now believed he has grown the world’s heaviest carrot – with the root veg weighing an impressive 22.4lbs.

And, it’s not only carrots that Chris specialises in, he is also currently growing a giant watermelon, swedes, tomatoes and a pumpkin – which will all be weighed in an upcoming weigh-off.

Green fingered Chris credits his growing success to soil, seeds and lots of fertilizer.

Pic from Caters News

He also currently holds Minnesota state record for giant pumpkins, with his biggest weighing a whopping 1918.5lbs, and hopes that his beloved giants continue to impress.

Chris, who works in finance at a marketing company, said: “I knew very little about gardening, but three years ago I start growing a ‘regular’ garden and then the following year I started with giants.

“In my first year I grew a carrot weighing 11.7lb, however I was determined to outdo myself.

“In total this carrot took nine months to grow – just like making a real baby – and even though I haven’t measured the length it has to be about 2ft long.

Pic from Caters News

“I started the carrot indoors in January and had to keep it inside under grow lights until it was warm enough in the spring to take it outside.

“The weather in Minnesota this summer has been somewhat cool and cloudy which is perfect growing conditions for a carrot.”

Chris will now store the carrot in the refrigerator and plans to plant it next spring in the hopes of reproducing the seeds.

He added: “I grow edible veg too, so there is no need to eat the giants.”