Wave of emotions: Onlookers who flock to watch extreme 20 foot swells get wiped out by wave

This unfortunate crowd of onlookers experienced a wave of emotions when a 20-foot swell wiped them out.

As a storm hit Hatillo, Puerto Rico on March 4, a group of onlookers couldn’t help but congregate at the coastline to watch the waves approaching.


Soraima Velez Rios, who was visiting her niece’s seafront house at the time, filmed curious spectators flocking to the promenade despite being warned of the safety risks.

A few hesitant bystanders soon second guess their curiosity as the giant waves draw closer, feebly attempting to escape its wrath they were left screaming

Soraima said: “Our island is being affected by a cold front from the East of the US.

“It’s developing this historic event of swells along our coasts.”


The island, which is still rebounding from Hurricane Maria, the worst natural disaster on record, has seen yet again another bout of damaging weather with authorities evacuating homes and shutting roads down.

The 39-year-old said: “Only just five months ago our island was hit by a category 5 hurricane which we are still recovering from.

“People from other countries are praying for the situation we are experiencing.”