Watch: tourists shocked as massive water tornado appears at a Greek beach

Tourists were left shocked when a huge water tornado appeared at a Greek beach.

The impressive waterspout was formed off the coast of Megalo Livadi beach on the Aegean island of Serifos in front of the eyes of many amazed bathers – who rushed to snap photos.

The rare phenomenon is believed to have been caused due to recent bad weather conditions on the island and was shot on June 26 by amateur photographer Tzina Prokopiou.

The heavy rains and low temperatures are already unusual for Greece, especially for this time of the year, and experts said to spot a waterspout is very unusual.

Giannis Stamatakis, owner of website ‘Forecast Weather Greece’, has an experience in extreme meteorological circumstances and is from Serifos.

He said generally in all parts of Greece the weather has been off this year- and this whirlwind is one perfect example.

Giannis, who is 26, and lives in Athens said: “It may happen once every few years but not at this time of the year- We are almost in July!

“The fact that hot gaseous masses collide with cold ones creates an ideal environment for a whirlwind to be formed.

Pic by Caters News

“But it’s not enough itself, otherwise we would have whirlwinds all the time.

“The bad wind coming from central Europe in a combination with the Greek warm waters of the Aegean have this waterspout as a result.

“People are not usually scared, they love to capture the moment.”