Urban explorer claims to tour ‘burglar killer Tony Martin’s former home’ and finds hanging animal bones

By Ellie Duncombe 

Urban explorers claim to have filmed inside Tony Martin’s abandoned house where they found BONES hanging from the ceiling. 

 The former mansion in Norfolk appears to have remained empty for numerous years since Tony Martin, 74, shot and killed a burglar dead in his home.

 The creepy video gives a tour around the property showing the house covered in overgrown plants and grass.

 Walking around the abandoned house, the explorer stumbled across the bathroom which they realised had piles of unidentified bones lying around there. 

 YouTuber Abandoned World Explorer UK captured the eerie house in June this year whilst on holiday with a few friends.  


As they continued upstairs, they discovered a room which had bones hanging from pieces of string on the ceiling with a pile of bones to add to the string lying on the floor.

The explorer said: “We spotted the house whilst on holiday and decided to explore it without realising whose house it was. 

 “The bones around the place made the house seem like it was something out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

“They were hung up like decorations and looking like a spider web. 

“I don’t think I will be going back, I felt so intimidated and scared whist we were there. 


“To me the most interesting thing I saw was the classic MK1 Range Rover in the garage and the hanging bones.

 “I film abandoned places all the time and realised this one seemed a little odd.”