Thousands of life jackets that saved refugee lives are converted into laptop cases and bags

Masses of lifejackets worn by Syrian refugees as they crossed into Europe are now providing jobs for their former wearers – as they are converted into laptop cases, bags and other travel accessories.

5,000 life jackets have been bought over to the Netherlands and are creating jobs for refugees.

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The bright orange accessories seem well suited to life in….

Over one-million refugees have made the journey to Europe since the start of the refugee crisis.

With so many making the journey by sea, there was a massive surplus of lifejackets that were used on the crossings.

On the tiny Greek island of Lesbos, there were hundreds of thousands of the bright orange safety items left behind.

Socially inclusive enterprise, Makers Unite, is helping to turn them into something more useful.

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They’re helping refugees establish a career in the Netherlands and over the past year 71 of the refugees have been involved in making and selling the bags.

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This includes 13 who are working as tailors to create the bright new products.

Selling their products across the world, Makers Unite are hoping to make something more positive out of masses of jackets left over.