Talk about a watering hole! Hilarious viral footage shows resolute drinkers refusing to leave pints as bar floods

Resolute Aussie drinkers were caught on camera refusing to leave their pints in stormy northern Queensland – even as the bar flooded.

Hilarious footage shows revellers still sat at the bar at two pubs in Port Douglas as flood waters rose after 600ml of rain fell in just nine hours.

Council worker Jake Shearer, 40, filmed the dramatic scenes on Sunday and said the rain was not enough to stop him and New Zealander fiancé Carmel Cater from enjoying their drinks.

Jake, who is originally from Adelaide, said: “The rain was great fun on Sunday, but when Monday morning came we had to fix it all.

“I filmed the first video at about 4.30pm when the rain started coming into the pub.

“We were just sitting having a drink and the next thing we looked down and the wet floor sign was floating past us.

PIC FROM Caters News

“We hadn’t even realised at that point the levels the water was rising at. It got higher and higher.

“Eventually the lights started going on and off, and the manager said they thought they were going to have to close.

“But then they changed their mind and said they could stay open and keep the beers flowing.

“When the water got to half a foot deep and was flowing into other areas they had to close.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Jake filmed the first video at the Central Hotel in Port Douglas after water began leaking into the front bar of the pub – leading him to dub it a swim up bar.

The couple moved to the nearby Courthouse Hotel but said drinkers weren’t put off their either despite a ‘white water rapids’ forming in the outdoor seating area.

Jake and Carmel then finished their bar crawl at the town’s Irish pub where he said revellers were still partying even as water came through the roof.

His incredible footage has racked up thousands of views on social media to date.

Jake added: “The rainfall was something else – there was no warning it was going to happen, and it was the highest levels in March in the history of Port Douglas.

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“After we left the Central we went around the corner to the next pub and the water was flowing down like a rapids, but everyone was still having beers.

“That’s one of the reasons we moved to Far North Queensland – the way they just kept the bars open and everyone was happy, that is something that would never be able to happen in Australia’s southern states, they would have closed at the first sign of a bit of water.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Nothing was going to get in the way of our bar crawl – the only thing which might have stopped us would have been if a crocodile had swum past us down the road.”