Shopper bravely fights off gun-wielding robber

This is the nail-biting moment a Brazilian woman appears to risk her life as she courageously grabs the gun of an armed robber who is wrestling her for her bag.

But it’s not all it seems. According to police, the shopper’s impressively brave but somewhat foolhardy fight back was because she had a hunch the weapon was a fake. Mercifully she was right.

The thug got away with cash from the till plus the victim’s car keys and purse, but not before he headbutted her and hit her with the stump of the gun for stubbornly resisting.

Police later tracked the dim-witted hoodie to his parent’s house after a security camera installed outside the shop registered his face and a tracker on the victim’s mobile phone led them to the stolen vehicle which was found parked in the family’s garage.

The suspect went on the run and his father was arrested for handling stolen goods.

CCTV outside the bakery in São José do Rio Preto, south east Brazil, where the assault took place on Tuesday (5) around 8:40am, shows the moment the suspect calmly saunters up to the premises with his hood down.

Pic by PM Sao Jose do Rio Preto/Caters

He apparently pulled it up shortly before entering the shop as footage appears to show the red sweat-shirt wearing man with black rimmed glasses seen outside, is the same deadbeat assaulting the unnamed victims inside.

Pointing the gun throughout the assault, the assailant first holds up the cashier who hands over (200 reais) £40 from the early morning takings then attacks the shopper who puts up a fight.

She drops her purse during the aggression which the villain picks up and pockets, but she stubbornly refuses to hand over her belongings, at one stage fearlessly grabbing the nozzle of the gun while gripping her car keys and bag.

The fight ends when the cowardly bandit headbutts his victim sending her pitching backwards to the ground. Only then is he able to snatch her car keys.

The victim suffered bruising to her forehead and was hit over the eye with the butt of the gun after stumbling to her feet. She is still traumatised by the incident.

It’s not clear in the video when the gutsy shopper realised the weapon was a fake, but police warned people not to risk their lives even if they think the gun is an imitation.

Sergeant Ronaldo Pimenta said to Brazil’s Petrolandia Noticias: “The gun (used in the mugging) is a replica but it looks very similar to the real thing.

“But whether someone thinks they’re being held up with a fake gun or not, we urge people not to react during an assault because those who rob have nothing to lose.”

Cops revealed when they arrived at the suspect’s property they found the replica weapon, the red hoodie worn by the assailant, cash, the victim’s car keys and several stolen mobile phones.

His father denied being guilty of the crime but was arrested for handling stolen goods.

Police said they are confident of catching the suspect who is still at large.