Shocking Footage Shows Moment Notre Dame Cathedral Spire Collapses As Huge Fire Rips Through Building

Shocking videos show the moment one of the Notre Dame Cathedral spires collapses as huge fire rips through building.

The videos, taken just metres away from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, show pummels of smoke emerging from the building, before a spire collapses inwards.

The monuments fire alarm is claimed to have gone off at roughly 6.30pm, but the cause of the blaze is still unknown.

Locals in the area were so alarmed by the commotion that they became scared that it could have been a ‘potential terrorist attack’.

Bastien Treiber, who captured the footage, said: “I heard the alarm of the Cathedral from home at around 6.30pm so i opened my window to see what was going on outside and saw the Cathedral on fire with a lot of smoke.

“One and a half hours later, there was no more roof.

“They evacuated everyone – around 2000 tourists – thanks to the fire alarm.”

DJIB Chérihane, who was passing by, said: “The view of the footage is in front, just next to the Fontaine St Michel.

“The fire was starting at 7pm and everyone was shocked – some people were even crying.

“We didn’t know at first what was happening, and we were scared of a potential terrorist attack.”