Randy mum jailed after blackmailing lover claiming she’d post film of her spanking him to Facebook

A randy mum has been jailed after blackmailing her lover – threatening to post kinky footage she claimed she’d secretly filmed of them acting out a bizarre sexual fantasy on Facebook.

Karen Bell, 42, from Hull, East Yorks, met the man victim on dating website Plenty of Fish, and the pair exchanged flirty texts – before meeting up to act out a bonkers fantasy – where she spanked his bare bottom with a pair of trainers.

But Hull Crown Court heard that she then contacted the man – who can’t be named for legal reasons – to say her son had secretly filmed their tryst – and she would post the footage on Facebook unless he paid her £25.

Bell was jailed for a year last week, after pleading guilty to blackmail.

The court heard that the pair met on free dating site Plenty of Fish – and arranged to meet and the man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons and was referred to at Hull Crown Court as “Mr A”, began lending her money as she claimed she was hard up.

Karen Bell has been jailed after blackmailing her lover

Karen Bell has been jailed after blackmailing her lover

Stephen Welch, prosecuting, said: “Some time in December last year, the complainant and the defendant engaged in sexual activity at the defendant’s home address.

“The nature of it was that the complainant removed his trousers and pants and lay on his stomach while the defendant remained fully clothed.

“She spanked the victim on the bottom with a hand, then with a training shoe.

“This was some sort of sexual fantasy the two discussed before the act took place.

“A while later the defendant contacted the complainant and told him her son had installed a hidden camera and their role play had been recorded.”

Karen sent Mr A more messages informing him the recording had been put on DVD and that she was “sitting watching it with her son”.

She told him if he did not want his friends and family to see the film he should pay her and initially demanded £25.

The court heard he was worried and that Karen told him if he stopped paying her she would publish the DVD on local websites and post it on Facebook.

Stephen Welch, prosecuting, said: “He was frightened. He believed the defendant would carry out those threats and didn’t want his family or friends to see the footage.”

Although he had willingly given her some money he eventually reported Karen to the police and the total amount she gained by the blackmail was £55, the court was told.

When Karen was arrested and interviewed she told police she “didn’t find the victim sexually attractive but they got on well as friends.”

Stephen Robinson, mitigating before Judge Paul Watson QC, said: “The defendant moved to Hull from the Grimsby area in order to better herself and start a new life – getting into this sort of serious trouble was the last thing she expected to happen.

“She was lonely and met the complainant through a dating website and began communicating with him.

“Your honour, unfortunately it culminated in this particular offence.”

After jailing Karen for 12 months, Judge Paul Watson told her: “The money you were demanding was not the highest amount – just £55 – but for him that was significant.

“Blackmail is so serious that only a custodial sentence can be justified.”