Stolen Rare Atlas Moth Has Been Returned Following National Outcry

Following national outrage a rare atlas moth has been returned after being stolen from a butterfly farm. The 30cm giant Atlas Moth was stolen last week [13 Oct] while still wrapped in a tight cocoon, with the thief proudly announcing her steal on social media, bizarrely claiming she gave birth to the largest butterfly. However the farm were happy to announce... read more>>

Pictured: Hotel from hell dubbed ‘Britain’s worst’ – where guests claim walls are graffitied, ceilings caved in and furniture mouldy

A hotel from hell has been dubbed ‘Britain’s worst’ – after guests claimed walls were covered in graffiti, ceilings caved in and the furniture mouldy. The Birmingham Best Inn in Oldbury, Wolverhampton, has received 303 ‘terrible’ one-star reviews on ratings website TripAdvisor – with one recent review describing water left in the  Guests have co... read more>>