Giant suffragette portrait made of selfies wows crowds in Birmingham

 An impressive mosaic depicting the face of a suffragette created made by selfies and photographs of historical women from the 1900s, has been unveiled in the centre of Birmingham.  Hilda Burkitt's face has been turned into a 65ft piece of art on the floor of Birmingham New Street Station - exactly where she threw a stone at the Prime minister's train in 1909 af... read more>>

Shocking footage captures massive explosion at petrol station

This shocking footage captures the moment there was a huge explosion at a petrol station, launching a fireball high into the sky. Richard Werner, 32, shot the video on his iPhone as he was heading by the scene in Gallup, New Mexico, USA, on August 1.  The incident was triggered when two nearby buildings caught fire, according to authorities, who said that fireworks s... read more>>