Nuts and bolts: Mum-of-two disgusted after seven-year-old girl finds one-inch bolt in tub of nuts

A mum-of-two is “disgusted” after her seven-year-old daughter found a ONE-INCH-LONG METAL BOLT in a tub of nuts.

Toni Cole had taken her daughter Kady Akester trick or treating on Friday October 31 when they were given a tub of Marks & Spencer’s Super Berries and Almonds.

Bolt in a Packet of Nuts

Nuts and bolts: The bolt found in the tub of a Marks & Spencer’s Super Berries and Almonds

When they got home, the 33-year-old handed it to her partner Gareth Akester, and the 25-year-old immediately spotted the metal bolt through the clear plastic packaging.

Toni was thankful Kady had been restrained on their journey as she had wanted to open the packaging while they walked around.

Bolt in a Packet of Nuts

Luckily mother-of-two, Toni Cole had restrained her daughter, Kady, from opening the packet.

Toni, from Hull, East Yorks, said: “I am disgusted – a child could have choked to death on that bolt.

“I had wanted to open the tub of nuts while we were out, but fortunately Kady said, ‘No mummy. We’ll wait until we get home.’

“When we got home I handed the tub of nuts to Gareth but before he opened the tub he spotted a bolt, which was about an inch long.

“We put the tub away in a cupboard, because we didn’t want to risk the children opening it.

“It’s a good job Zak wasn’t with us when we were out trick or treating.

“I’m sure he would have wanted to open the tub straightaway and I’d have probably let him.”

Toni said Kady is old enough to have known not to have put the bolt in her mouth, but she is worried about what could have happened if a young toddler had been given the nuts.

Bolt in a Packet of Nuts

After being handed the tub whilst trick or treating, the misplaced metal may have caused some serious health risks

The worried parents have considered the possibility that the bolt had been deliberately placed inside the tub by a prankster.

She said: “To begin with, we all thought it was a really dangerous trick.

“But when we looked at the tub closely we could clearly see it had not been tampered with.

“It would have been horrible if a younger child had found the bolt.”

Luckily Kady has been unfazed by the ordeal and is looking forward to next year’s Halloween.

Bolt in a Packet of Nuts

Despite thinking it may have been a prank to begin with, it was clear that the packaging had not been tampered with

Toni said: “She absolutely loves getting dressed up and going out trick or treating.

“People were generous and gave her lots of goodies.

“It’s just a shame this has happened.”

It is not known in which branch of M&S the nuts were bought but when Toni took the product in to a city centre store, the manager said the tub would be sent away for investigation.

A spokesperson for Marks & Spencers said: “We’re sorry to hear about Miss Cole’s complaint.

“Quality is extremely important to us so we’ve asked the customer to send us the fruit and nut pot, which she has done, and we’re now investigating further.”