Nine-year-old gives out 28,000 donuts in a bid to thank every police officer by feeding them their favourite snack

A nine-year-old has given out 28,000 donuts in a bid to thank every police officer in the USA by feeding them their favourite snack.

Little Tyler Carach from Pensacola in Florida, USA, has already visited 18 states so far in his mission to give every cop a donut and coffee since starting 13-months ago.


After giving snacks to local enforcement officers to say thanks for their service last year, he decided to embark on a mission to reach every cop in the United States.

During his trips, officers have let him ride on a horse, handle the canines and was even initiated into a ‘special project group’ by Batman and Robin.

He’s determined to complete the quest to thank them all for ‘putting their lives on the line every day’ and ‘protecting his family, friends and strangers.’

Tyler, 9, an aspiring police officer, said: “I think it’s fun, my favourite part is thanking the cops because they keep us and complete strangers safe, I want to thank them for risking their lives.

“It important for me because I want to thank them for putting their lives on the line and for keeping me, my friends and family safe.

“I chose donuts and coffee because that’s their favourite snack and drink, my mom used to be a cop and that was her favourite snack.

“Someday I want to become a police officer so I can help people too.”

The last trip saw the Carach family travel 7,500 miles to different police departments but with over 900,000 police officers in America, there’s a long way to go for little Tyler to go.

Sheena, mum-of-three, said: “At first, I thought it may be a phase that kids go through and he would get bored, but the more he does, the more he wants to do.

“I tried to convince him to start local but he told me, ‘That’s ok, but I will thank every cop in America’ and hasn’t given up.


“Now he’s been to 18 states and given out 28,000 donuts so far in 13months.

“All the officers love it, they don’t get a lot of support these days so it means a lot to them.

“A couple of places love what he’s doing so much that they did something nice for Tyler, to let him know how much it means to them.

“They have been amazing, some have shown him their cars, equipment and other things, they love it so much.

“It means so much to them that he’s interested that they show him everything, from letting him handle canines to touching the lights and sirens, it’s amazing.

“Police in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, had a Batmobile, along with Batman and Robin to induct him into a junior justice league.

“NYPD let him ride on their horses, go into a flight simulator and on a harbour tour on one of their boats and in New Jersey he got to ride in a SWAT truck.


“Every place welcomes him with open arms and gives him a police patch that he’s going to have sewn into a quilt.

“It’s something that’s close to our hearts, I was in law enforcement myself so I know how hard a job it is and that it’s not for everyone.

“We are now fundraising so that we can continue to travel elsewhere, as this six-week trip depleted most of our savings account.

“But it was so worth it to get to do something so incredible for other people and the opportunity was amazing.”

Since Tyler was five-years-old he has been obsessed with becoming a member of the police – even wearing a full costume to careers day.

Sheena said: “While other little boys were playing cowboys and Indians, he was always interested in being a cop.

“I have a picture of him at five-years-old for the kindergarten career day when he dressed in full police outfit and loved everything police related.”

The mission began 13-months-ago, after Tyler asked his mum if he could spend his allowance on buying donuts for local cops.

Sheen said: “We were in a local community store where there were four police deputies, Tyler told me ‘You know, cops favourite drink is coffee and food is donuts’, I replied ‘Sure is’.


“Tyler then asked if he could use his allowance money to big them donuts to say thank you for keeping us and other families safe.

“When he took a pack of mini donuts and gave it to them, they were so excited and thankful.

“When Tyler left the store, he couldn’t understand why they were so grateful, in his eyes he gets snacks all the time so it wasn’t a big deal

“I explained to him that the officers have a hard time and about the problems at the moment with police and public relations.

“I tried to explain that no matter what the group is it can’t be 100% perfect and so has some bad in it and that police officers were under attack, with some people wanting to hurt them.

“He said, ‘Ok well I’m going to give every cop in America a donut’, and kept saying it over and over.

“The one thing we’ve always taught our kids is the only person stopping you from doing something is yourself, so we knew we had to help him on this mission.”


In addition to company Altai donating 2% of profits from police department approved boots to the program.

Now they are fundraising to continue his journey, you can donate by visiting HERE.